Bionicle 2046

So I’m sure you all are wondering, what will Bionicle be like in 2046? Will it even exist in 2046? What is the secret to life? Well, Iv’e got a treat for you. I recently developed a time travel device that allows me to go to the future, and Bionicle was there in very small quantities. I managed to steal a set from “Toys Are Us” (Other stores are available) and bring it back home. I might have accidentally started world war 3 too, but that’s besides the point. Anyways here is the box art:

And here is the set, witch costs 49.99$

And I managed to snag the collectible witch was a silver beak and costs 199.99$

Man, inflation has really gone up!


Well this is sad.


Friggen Applego, man.


I know. We have to stop inflation before this becomes a reality.


I would hate for LEGO to discover that we’ve uncovered their future plans.


Man, I knew economy would get tough, but not THIS tough.


What if in this future Mega Bloks and other brands are dominating the market because their prices are cheaper?

AppLEGO: “The Fans never told you about what would happen to BIONICLE.”
Me: “They told me enough… They told me LEGO ruined them!”
AppLEGO: "No… I am LEGO.
Me: “NO… That’s not true… That’s impossible!”
AppLEGO: “Search your feelings, you know it to be true!”


“Feed me!” - Kewa


Bionifield 2143

sometimes, I think to my self…why applego…you jerks…WHY??!
see what you experienced was the future many centuries away, 10 years to be exact…(many centuries) but was thrown forward to 2046, see you where supposed to bring all of the message board user with you, to complete ttvpower then destroy applego, what you did caused a strange time reaction making the world go up down and spin all around
even though it already spins… applego stole your time device blue print and went to a couple centuries in the future and used a serum that made them invincible causing applego to last forever

what you have done out of curisosity caused applego to be born but for ttv power to not exist to save us
you dumb-

Actually Applego combined with Linux to create Applenux.

but everything changed when mozzarella firefax attacked
applego used there
set no. 90000001
set name: iannhilation
ages 16-99

to take over the worlds


Wow this is such an innovative build from Applego. I can’t wait to buy it when I’m 57. It’ll be the first set I get. I’ll use my guberment munnies from da…wait, Soshul sekurrity doesn’t kik in till 62 CRAP I’ll has to use my regular munnies 2 by it.

Few jokes, few predictions, enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:


  • The Lego Movie teases Bionicle


  • Bionicle returns
  • Biocraft is released
  • TTV On Air begins airing


  • The Ninjago movie is successful, resulting in Bionicle becoming
    Ninja’s for a wave
  • Eljay and Meso release a playthrough of MNOG II
  • Ninjago gets a new TV series based off the movie-universe


  • The Lego Movie 2 features Bionicle heavily
  • Eljay speculates that the unannounced 2018 film is Bionicle


  • Bionicle gains a movie on May 25th 2018
  • TTV On Air ends with an animated movie, it is well received
  • The TTV boards go down for unspecified reasons, many suspect foul
    play. In response TTV massively increase their content to 2 videos
    daily and their popularity sky rockets.


  • Marvel after the success of Avengers 3 convince Lego to produce more constraction Marvel sets, the line’s popularity convinces Lego to work on a Bionicle film sequel
  • Bionicle gains a TV Series, it replaces Ninjago’s TV series


  • The Lego Movie 3 teases the idea of Bionicle in Space
  • Due to TTV’s reviews of the episodes its popularity rises


  • Bionicle gets a sequel
  • Biocraft 2 is released focusing on the newer versions of the characters


  • Bionicle go to space to mark the end of the Lego company’s license
    with Star Wars


  • Bionicle gets a third and final movie
  • Biocraft 3 is released featuring a crossover between the old and news characters


  • After running for almost 5 seasons the Bionicle TV Series is
    cancelled, a TV movie intended to finalise the series is cancelled


  • In order to celebrate 25 years of Bionicle an animated movie featuring a crossover between each of the Toa groups. The original sets are given an updated Titan sized version which is released along with a updated version of Teridax (The main villain of the crossover movie) and Mata Nui
  • Ven walks into a store and see’s Omega Tahu… and smiles…
  • Meso points out that Lego used their idea


  • Eljay and Alena get married, the shipping community goes nuts


  • AppLego
  • Constraction themes are cancelled including Bionicle


  • TTV expand into game let’s plays and re-play every old Bionicle game


  • BZPower closes
  • Several leaks from Lego speak about the behind-the-scenes work that went on during the final years of Bionicle


  • Bionicle returns massively changed combining Constraction and normal Lego blocks


  • The series is popular and a comic book is developed


  • Bionicle segments into two very distinct lines, one containing very simplistic smaller sets (Matoran scale) and the other containing very high priced sets (Titans and collectors edition Titan-sized Toa)


  • The TTV crew go to a Mardi Gras as a way of looking back at the past, they film the experience
  • A child looks at this thread for the first time in many years mystified at the community that has grown around his childhood favourite toy and heads to the store to buy the newest Bionicle figures

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star wars jokes…you da best man

Thank you. I try my hardest. :smile:

You forgot to mention that Chima runs 'till 2059 :stuck_out_tongue:

2026, the greatest year of Ven’s life.