Bionicle after: kaikohuru the toa hunter

After mata nui fell asleep again the plague force started to takeover and would start by killing the toa, beginning with tahu, 15 years later it's found out that the small group of new young toa known as the resistance led by hewkii and mackus child toa takuta was soon starting to grow smaller in numbers as their members were being murdered by kaikohuru, the Tia hunter and soldier of the plague force.

His name literally meaning assassin in Maori, this being is equipped with a powerful high pressure carbon made crab claw and a blaster arm forged out of the masks of his Toa victims along with jaws that can crush a Kanohi mask into dust, he rarely loses to his enemies as he normally picks them off one by one and his dangerous versatility makes fast, agile and hard to catch.

Take caution when walking by yourself young Toa heroes, but he's not unstoppable attack his legs and make him lose balance to gain the upper hand, he'll take longer to regain balance than a normal person would and his back area will be vulnerable, his head is too big for him to turn around quickly plus he has no back armour, he can easily be defeated if strategy is taken correctly.

I hope you liked my moc, yes this is new scenery I'm at my nanas right now, anyway I hope you enjoyed a look at my moc kaikohuru.


Fun concept and cool head design. My main issue with this is its color coordination.

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Looks pretty cool, I like the build. The colour scheme could use some improvement. It's possible to have a random looking colour scheme while still maintaining an actual colour scheme. If that makes sense.

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This guy doesn't really look like an assassin.. The color scheme is a bit messy. However nice head.

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He looks the part, but he would benefit from some more armor and a more consistent color scheme.