Bionicle Akamai revamp/MOC

One of my oldest MOCs, from at least a year ago, maybe two years.


Action pose


CCBS shells did not exist in light tan at the time of this MOCs creation, so I had to use white on Pohatu

Gotta go fast


I dont have a creative pose for Onua, sorry.


The individual Toa look great! Akamai is cool, although the overly square body is kinda ‘meh’ for me.

What’s up with this picture, though?

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The picture looks fine to me. Whats wrong with it?

I also dislike the square body, I was limited by the parts that were in the three Toa.

What’s up with this picture, though?

I think he ran it through a Gameboy.

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It’s really pixelated. The body is just one big black square.

It does not look like that on my end. I re-uploaded it, how does it look now?

It’s good now.

The individual designs of the Toa are effective while still retaining key traits of the original sets. Akamai himself is a much needed improvement; the shaping is more consistent and the colors feel a lot more organized.