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yus very noice cryoshell good
barraki nice move along guude
very good
aik mak god mosic
gg bye


I'm listening to this video right now. My favorite is Face Me. stuck_out_tongue

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It's hard to pick a favorite, but Move Along is definitely the most nostalgic for me.


Who knew someone could bundle up my childhood in 35 minutes? stuck_out_tongue

It's an odd feeling to know that when other people listen to these song, it means practically nothing to them. Yet it's also a nice feeling to know that we're part of the select few that feels something joyous upon hearing these songs.

The Nostalgia, it makes me feel like warm bowl of noodles.


Nice vid

Oh hullo. Sorry for possibly reviving this topic.


My favorite is Bye Bye Babylon. I also enjoyed Move Along, even though the song wasn't really made for BIONICLE (or at least with it in mind) as the others were.

The 2007 and 2008 are good. the other ones are kinda meh.

Move along is like the only pop song (that is pop right? I'm not a music guy.) That I listen to often. 2006 has a very nostalgic year for me, the Inika commercial will always stick in my head.

Gravity hurts is another favorite, as it really set the tone for '08 and felt like it really belonged with Bionicle.


In general all the songs are good, but the only ones I would listen to a long time after its initial release are the 2007 and 2008. Also the MNOG soundtrack, have you listen to it, its there with soundtracks like Journey or Cosmos.

My two most nostalgic would have to be Bye Bye Babalon and Move Along

ah nostalgic songs, I luv it

All great songs, though I definitely like some more than others.

When was "face me" used in Bionicle?

later in the Mahri portion of the story. I think in a game and on the site, idk

I never heard it back then...does anyonw know where exactly was the song used?

great mix very usefull for long days of cleaning

It was used in the same ads for the toa Mahri / Titans, but was never seen in the USA. Instead, they used Crashed. Here’s a link to a Spanish version of the titan commercial: