Bionicle Alt Forms

Not sure just how fitting this is for this particular area, but since I’m technically making something new, I thought it’d be fine. Anyways, I was just about how cool it’d be if Bionicle characters could transform (aside from the Bohrok), so I thought it’d be cool if I had everyone come together to to think up and post alternate forms for various characters. The catch? You can’t make any changes to the set itself. Granted this’ll mean we’ll end up with a bunch of ships, but there’s still fun to be had, right? I’ll start with the good 'ole 2004 titans.

Nivawk & Dume: Turaga on a speeder

Nidihki: Speeder w/ landing gear

Krekka: Incredibly Messy Hover-Tank

Group Shot

Post any of your ideas…or berate me for how stupid this is.


Other than Krekka, I think these are good. Don’t take my word on it though, because I’m not one to critique when I still have MUCH to learn.


I wish I could see it with other official sets and what-not

I used to do this all the time with my sets. IMO, Krekka doesn’t really work, but the other two are cool. =3


Nicely done

That’s kind of the point of this thread…

Also @Political_Slime @ToaKeravnos, can we all agree Krekka’s too messy to make anything decent out of without tearing him apart?


Just like the originals, krekka is the worst. (but still good).

You should turn axonn, brutaka, and vezon and fenrakk into a giant dragon!

I would…if I actually owned any of them (I only have Vezon. Not even Fenrakk, just Vezon.)

That was a joke.

vezon and kardas



Would you be making any more alt forms

Probably. I put this out there for everyone to try, but I’ll try digging out some of my old sets. Just don’t expect anything from '01 to '03.

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This is incredibly amusing to me. I’m not sure why.

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