Bionicle art in Trove

Hey guys I’m back. And so much has happened since I went. Bionicle ended, mine craft mata nui was finished, and the Podcasts got better. It’s been awhile but I want to post some of the things I’ve done while I was gone.

Trove is one of my favorite games. I like the Minecraft aspect as well as the character classes and quests. In Trove you are able to summon your house on to a certain spots. This is mine::


Hm. Nice Nuva cubes.


Intricate for sure, especially the Nuva cubes. Do I spy some sort of flaming gems in the middle ground of the first picture?


Trove may be the worst rpg I’ve ever played but this art is really on point.

I mean, like, what are they?

Are you planning on doing more art in this format?

Very nice, the vibrant colors here give a lot of life to to the island.

No, this has just been something I’ve been meaning the post for a while. Although Trove is nice because you can put more than one block down at a time. It is harder to build big things because of limited storage.

That’s just the normal settings of Trove, but thank you all the same.

But now that I think of it, they do have build-able Biomes.