Bionicle as a reboot

What are you guys' opinion on the new series being a reboot? Personally, I was pretty relieved to hear that they won't be continuing the old story.

This newer franchise being a reboot means that the already complicated and beloved story-line of the original generation won't be tampered with. Or in other words; that the most beloved aspect of the old series isn't going to be changing.
LEGO has demonstrated with lines like Hero Factory, Legends of Chima, and Ninjago that the stories revolving around their sets are going to be very simple and easy to follow.
If LEGO were to continue the story of Bionicle in similar fashion, it wouldn't be doing much justice to the beloved toy line. The biggest appeal to the old series, aside from the sets, was the storytelling, and how it was handled. Bionicle's story wasn't that of a simple "There's a bad guy, here are the good guys, enjoy". It was a rich and vibrant world with relatively deep characters and not-so-simple story-lines.
If the 2015 line were to be a continuation of the old story, all of that would be gone. There wouldn't be much of the depth and intrigue that we've all known to love.

So, all in all, I'm quite pleased LEGO decided to reboot the Bionicle franchise.
That, however, is just my two cents on the matter. What do you folks think?


Don't get the purpose other than opinions on things we know...

I really hope that further down the line they manage to keep it simple while at the same time have complexity hidden in there somewhere (for example villains could have hidden motives and the older people would understand them while the younger audience would just simply enjoy the story).
It doesn't really appeal to me as it is now. It feels like everything is moving too fast and the whole fight with the LoSS was just so underwhelming. The toa just a few minutes ago acted like they didn't know what they were doing and suddenly LoSS was defeated. Either they need to find alternatives to the main story telling source or to produce more animations and release them a lot more frequently to give the main story some closure. I know that the new book is coming, but I doubt that it will change something.
I'm still happy that they brought BIONICLE theme back, but I hope that they will give a lot more closure to the story.


I think there is a topic for this already but I would've liked to see Pohatu and Onua as bigger characters in the story


These don't belong in the same sentence stuck_out_tongue


Bionicle is coming back?


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@JMP The point of this is to have a centralized thread for discussion on the new series as a whole.
There have been threads dedicated to new reboot story theories and whatnot, but I have yet to find one for simple discussion for discussion's sake.

@DropletMagus Aye, I hope they at least add some depth to the story. The way the plot is progressing now is just like "Oh, did that happen? Okay"

Isn't there a BIONICLE 2015 topic, though?


I believe so

I suppose you're right, but as the title suggests, the post is about Bionicle being a reboot as opposed to a continuation. Just trying to find out what people think of it being a reboot without having to scroll through 6000+ comments on the issue.

everyone know's it's a reboot somehow related to the startrek kind, where while it is a reboot due to time-related things and other things, it relates to the original universe somehow...

You mean in the sense that the Toa were removed from their original universe and transported to the island of Okoto?
That's what I thought at first, but with all the added quirks to their personalities, Pohatu's completely changed, and the Toa having no memory of their hero selves, it just doesn't make much sense.
Still though, could be the case.

I know what to do!

Let's ask Ranaki_Pakewa. /s


Well, time travel can alter the amount of time an object has experienced due to radiation of time particles, thus a side affect of time travel could be altered maturity levels of the travelers. The Toa could have been summoned via time/space travel, and since they had no protection (canister, TARDIS, etc) they where exposed to the radiation of time particles affecting their maturity.


Great theory, but time doesn't really consist of particles, does it? Heck, time isn't even a tangible entity. It's a human construct.
Although, I do find the idea of them somehow losing their memories due to the time travel interesting.

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The concept of rebooting wasn't necessarily a bad idea, as much as I wanted to see the original story properly conclude. However, the way they've gone about it so far has...left much to be desired.