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Title pretty much says it all. I wasn't sure if there was already a topic on said matter, so I thought I'd put this out there. So, what do you think we'll get to see from the big, big comic-con event just a few days away now? Maybe we will get a synopsis of the 2015 storyline, some teaser videos showing off the new sets, or even the highly-anticipated sets themselves! Discuss away!


I think it will be story stuff mostly, but it will probably be a lot of different things.

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I hope Tahu comes to the panel stuck_out_tongue


Well, it depends, because LEGO's presence is going to be split into different segments.

There will definitely be an area on the showfloor dedicated to LEGO. Anyone at the convention will be able to go here, meaning it's going to be a large open area. I guarantee there will be BIONICLE sets on display and a lot of banners and logos everywhere.

It will probably look like this:

I don't think story details or a plot synopsis will be present.

HOWEVER, LEGO is holding a VIP Panel. This is where I'm sure they are going to go in depth about the story itself and their plans for the line as a whole. Unfortunately, this panel isn't open to everyone and you have to be invited to attend. Luckily we'll be able to be there so we're hoping to report on the news that is revealed, however we aren't sure what policies LEGO will have.

This means there is a possibility we may be under embargo and are not allowed to reveal any of the information there, or we can reveal the info but aren't allowed to take pictures or record a video of the panel.

And then there's the VIP party afterwards, but I don't think there's going to be useful information that will be revealed there.

Basically, we will definitely see the sets in person for the first time, and there will most likely be a story presence but it's unsure how much will be revealed right away.

No matter what, once Comic Con is over LEGO is going to update the website and Facebook page with plenty of new info so we'll have it by then.


I really hope that that was just the a rough draft because those papers looked pretty old please if its a reboot at least call it mata nui, that's what I hope

I feel we'll see;

  • The Sets
  • An Announcement of Greg returning for the 2015 books
  • One of the commercials for the sets/teasing a movie
  • An Announcement that it will not be a continuation of the prior storyline (However they will probably not state directly that its a reboot)

Even if it is a reboot it would likely not go back and do the same thing over again. As such I doubt that Mata Nui would ever be the island again. The new island may have exactly the same design as Mata Nui and they would still give it a different name in order to avoid re-hashing the same storyline.

I know but they should rehash certain things i feel (the names of certain things rather)

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Spoilers for the display, someone took a pic.
Display Preview

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I'm not at Comicon, but I feel like we should have a topic to talk about this today. I'd like to start it off with this tidbit.

The mask on the Bionicle website pulses with energy now. Also, not new, but I don't think anyone notice this. The energy surrounding the Mask of Creation is shaped like Mata Nui (the island)

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I don't think it's supposed to look like mata nui. It's just a swirling pattern of energy mist.

I agree. I just think its a funny coincidence.


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Honestly, I can only barely see the resemblance.

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When it pulses it's clearer

Still pretty vague, but I guess I see your point.

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Well maybe the shape is just supposed to be the island used, not Mata Nui.

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Also, the circle in the center of the mask is in exactly the right place to be Mangai.

I don't thinnk it has any story value, I think it's just a reference.

Twitter Report Post (will be edited)-

Kahi just tweeted Makuta has been confirmed. smiley

And Var posted this poster-

And from the TTV twitter- "Makuta and his brother Ekimu are Maskmakers"

Var just tweeted IT WILL BE A SOFT REBOOT!

Var- "Makuta wears the Mask of Control, Ekimu the Mask of Creation. Makuta wants the Mask of Ultimate Power. Both brothers are in a slumber."

BIONICLE "reboot" is akin to Star Trek new movies. Confirmed for three year line right now, possibly more later. #BIONICLE2015