Bionicle: Audio-Narration-Project - Chronicles - Makuta's Revenge

After a long hiatus, the Bionicle: Audio-Narration-Project (or ANP for short), has finally returned!

The entire third book in the Chronicles series, Makuta's Revenge, is available to listen to all at once right here!


Its back mah guys

You're back! Oh, I love this project.

Ha! Finally! I heard the ANP for the first two books. I can't wait to see the next ones!

So excited. Love all the work that's being put into these projects. Thank you so much for these.

How does one become involved with such projects? I would love to voice-act.


I have the same question.

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As stated, the books will now be continued with me as the sole voice actor. However, there is hope for other projects in the future involving voice acting. Continue supporting my project and we shall we what's in store!

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