Bionicle - Audio-Narration-Project - Shadow Onua

A darker shade...yes, this version of Onua doesn't have a single non-black part on him, save for his dark green eyes. But why would I build such a creation? Check out the Bionicle: Audio-Narration-Project, and you just might figure it out! Stay tuned, there will be more to come...

You can find more here!





Looks pretty good.
I once tried building some Mata in black too. Sadly I didn't have any black gears so they didn't have the 100%-black-swag.

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Would have picked a different Toa to give the shadow treatment but still a cool looking fellow regardless.


I absolutely LOVE it smiley I love onia and i love black! Simply great... BIG UP man!

Oh...just wait. As I said, there's more to come :wink:

The hardest thing to get (at least enough of them), are probably the larger black gears and the black bushings.

Pretty cool idea, I sure do hope there is more to come because this is sick!

Yep, I'm pretty sure I have atleast some small black gears from the Toa Norik set. The other parts are really hard to get though.

Pictures have been updated with a higher quality camera!

You can find more of the Toa here!

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