Bionicle Book 1 Unity: Le Koro

oooh visions are always fun to write

Summary of Le Koro with spoilers: Lewa is introduced as the main protagonist. Lewa is filled with heart and determination, but he’s incompetent in a competent world. He meets and old friend named Kongu, who challenges his world view. Through one of his failed jobs, Lewa becomes the owner of the mask of life, aka the Ignika. Technically he only finds 1/4th of a piece of the mask and needs to find the other 3 pieces top create the entire mask. During this time, a makuta catches wind of the news and tries to take advantage of it; this makuta’s name is Krika. It’s revealed that Le Koro’s toa of air is missing. Kongu believes Lewa is incompetent to be the owner of the Ignika, so he tries everything in his power to relieve Lewa of his duty. However, through that process Kongu learns to appreciate his old friend Lewa once again and respects his position as the masks owner. Krika arrives at Le Koro and goes on a rampage to steal the Ignika. Lewa escapes Le Koro and begins his journey to reawaken Mata Nui with the a fully complete Ignika. During Lewa’s boat ride he gets a strange nightmare depicting a crab-like being attacking him in a prison.

Inspirations/works cited: This will be a list of all the media that has inspired the creation of this content.

  • Spongebob (This is pretty obvious, this story is more specifically inspired by the episode Dying for Pie.)

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender (This is also very obvious. Avatar is already a show that has very similar concepts to bionicle as a whole, so it’s works well as an inspiration to this story.)

  • Bionicle (Let me run this down quick. 2001: characters and basic world building. 2003: Similar story beats. 2004: Mentions of characters like Matau. 2005: The concept of mutation and characters like Iruini. 2006: The Ignika being important and having an overall story reflective of the ignition trilogy. 2007: Subtle hints. 2008: The concept of a makuta species and the introduction of Krika.)

  • Mata Nui Online Game (Le Koro is heavily inspired off this media. Also, the music in one of the chapters is an homage to the Le Koro Band.)

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion (Some imagery is inspired from this anime, like the rahi noises. There’s also moments in this story where Lewa has weird visions, flashfowards, and flashbacks, which is supposed to be inspired of those moments in Neon Genesis Evangelion.)

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars (The only part of this show that inspired this story was the episode that introduced the character Savage Opress.)

  • Star Wars: A New Hope (Heavy influence from the characters in this movie.)

  • Latin America (It’s subtle, but Le Koro has a much more latinized culture compared to G1 of bionicle. More specifically inspired by the nations in cnetral america, but there’s still some influence from other nations in Latin America.)

  • Gipsy Kings (There music heavily inspired how I saw the characters. I would often listen to their music while writing Lewa’s character.)

  • Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (I took some concepts from this movie. Some characters and dialogue are also inspired by this movie.)

  • Fnaf vhs tapes (The final chapter of Le Koro is extremely influenced by the final fnaf vhs tape, Finale.)

  • Kylernuva mocs (For anyone who knows who this guy is, you probably have found out that I’ve used some of the names of his mocs in my story. They are simply cameos to a youtuber that I used to watch a while ago. I also used the names of his mocs because I have a hard time creating new names. One spoiler that I’ll give, is that I will be using some of his makuta mocs as side characters in this story, since I think that his makuta mocs have some of the best makuta designs I’ve ever seen.)

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wait a minute, could this be Nidhiki?

Nope, Nidhiki doesn’t hang out in a prison in this story. To give a hint, this character looks like a crab and hangs out in a run down prison. If you read the description of the characters mouth, it could make it a little more obvious who I’m implying the character is. This character is also described as brutish, which is a trait that Nidhiki isn’t.

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So Carapar?

Instead of asking who the character is, you should ask yourself what would be the purpose of having a character like this included in such a bizarre way.

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either way I’ll be happy to read more chapters

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