Bionicle Book 1 Unity: Ta Koro

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Night at Sea: Night 2

In the middle of a steamy Le Koro day, Lewa finds himself in a game of kohli. Two teams, three players each. Lewa’s team consisted of him, Kongu, and Airko, with him being the goalie. The other team consisted of Osakka, Jaller, and Lesovikk, with Jaller being the goalie. Ariko takes a shot at the goal, but is stopped easily by Jaller.

Osakka: “Pass the puck!”

Jaller passes the puck towards Osakka. He pays attention to his surroundings, and decides to go solo. He rushes down the field without passing once. Lesovikk puts his hands over his kohli stick and lays on it.

Lesovikk: “Not this again.”

Osakka, with a mixture of experience and Onu Koro genetics, jukes out both Kongu and Airko without breaking a sweat. The Onu matoran had always been amazing at kohli, since they were the ones who invented it. Lewa faces a Osakka’s speedy blitz, standing his ground. Lewa knew that if he were to move at all, he’d be jucked. Osakka then smacks his kohli stick so hard against the puck, that it bent his stick. The puck moved so fast, out of fear and poor reaction time, Lewa held his puck over his body in desperation. Miraculously, the puck was perfectly blocked by Lewa’s kohli stick and rekashays off to a cavern right next to the kohli field. Everyone congregates around the cavern, looking at one another on who’d get the puck.

Lewa: “Since when has there been a cave here?”

Jaller: “You’re getting it.”

Lewa: “What? Why? Osakka shouldn’t have shot like that. He should get the puck.”

Osakka: “Last matoran who touches the puck, gets the puck.”

Lewa: “There’s no way I’m getting that?”

Kongu: “I’ll trade goalie if-”

Lewa: “Deal.”

Lewa crawls into the cavern, reaching as far as the sun could reach. No matter where he looks, he can’t find the puck. He looks back in a desperate look, however his friends gesture him to keep exploring. Lewa continues into the cave until he’s unable to see anything. Afraid, he runs back to where he came from, but there’s no entrance out. All he could see was blackness in all directions. No matter where he goes, he can’t find any sign of light. The floors also flatten and the space around him widens. He eventually realizes that this is no ordinary cave. He looks in all directions, dizzying himself to see if there was any way out of the void he was in. That’s until he actually finds the puck. Lewa runs to it and picks it up with his hands. As he does so, the puck transforms into the Ignika. It’s transformations followed by the ground flooding with a thin one inch layer of water. The horizon begins to glow a sand green while foggy clouds appear around him. All he hears is an unfamiliar voice.

“Everything is easy.”

“All eyes are on you.”

“All eyes are on you.”

“Nothing we can do.”

A thunder sound interrupts the song for a second. Lewa notices the blackness around him all turning sand green. Rahi, matoran, and chicken-like robots appear from the green clouds, slowly covering miles of area. Eventually Lewa’s surrounded by millions of organisms and different species from across the islands. It was like every living creature from the past, present, and future was there watching him.

“Faith in the green.”

“Please don’t be a fiend.”

“Because we want you to see.”

“You will be underwater.”

“Thousand miles from turf.”

“You must save Mata Nui.”

The mask in Lewa’s hands then transforms into a makuta tablet and the water beneath him begins to darken.

“Lewa hold us close.”

The voice then separates to millions, as if every matoran in the universe were speaking at once in a single operatic sentence. At the same time two shadowy hands grab Lewa from the surface and pull under the water.


Lewa then hears a single more sinister voice speak.

“I know you will.”

Lewa then transports to another black void, this time falling from the puddle he was pulled into. He looks up at the origin he’s falling from, seeing the blackness in front of him divided into two sections, one blue, one red. As each side flashes with its respective colors, Lewa sees multiple black silhouettes during the colorful flashes. He sees the silhouettes of a physically abusive matoran, a leader matoran, and a warrior matoran in the red flashes. In the blue, he sees a studious matoran, a mother matoran, and a teacher matoran. All this happens as more singing goes on.

“All of us come from one origin.”

“Everyone comes from one organism.”

“Mata Nui’s alive and he ain’t finished.”

“He’s not steady.”

“She’s not ready.”

“He’s pathetic.”

“She’s apathetic.”

“He doesn’t cry.”

“She doesn’t try.”

The flashing eventually takes up all of Lewa’s vision, taking the color of purple. The silhouettes become more happy and caring. He sees four silhouettes; living as matoran, fighting as toa, and preaching as taraga. The whole matoran life cycle is being repeated over and over again in front of him.

“Some day.”

“Some day everyone will unify.”

“Talk like everything is fine.”

“One da-”

Lewa suddenly collapses, back first, to an invisible floor beneath him. His body bounces from the collision. Every bone in his body shatters. The pain is so great it knocks him to another visual. This time more restrictive. His perspective stuck at the top of the inside of a cylinder. Lewa couldn’t move and didn’t live in a physical body, his only sensory abilities were his sight and hearing. Towards the bottom of his immovable perspective, Lewa sees rooms that look to be cells, he logically assumes that his perspectives angle at the edge of a wall and a ceiling in a circular prison. All he could hear were the sounds of muffled talking from below him. Suddenly a massive thud sound could be heard and it shook Lewa’s perspective violently. All the sounds of muffle talking turn into confused silence. The silence is interrupted by a power outage, which promotes screaming from multiple voices below Lewa’s perspective. Lewa’s so confused, he knows that the origin of the noises are coming from below his perspective, but he doesn’t know where he is or what’s going on. He was quite possibly wedged in between the worst position imaginable to see what was going on. This was until the roof began to crack. Lewa watches as black water seeps from the rooftop and oozes down to the noises below. As he hears the water splash, the sounds of screams begin to rise. Then all of a sudden his perspective is cut.

He transitions to a distorted image of toa matau, coupled with what Lewa assumes to be matau’s agonizing screams. This perspective only lasts a second, before he flies back to his conscious body.

He’s still stuck in a black void from before, but this time he sees three silhouettes lurking over him. They were what looked to be toa Vakama and the toa’s respective to Ga and Onu Koro, those being Nokama and Whenua. Lewa then notices that the makuta tablet from earlier is back in his hands. Before Lewa has enough time to react, the black water from his previous perspectives begins pouring down on him, mutating his condition horribly. The water steams on Lewa’s body. The water grows Lewa’s body, giving him a spiky translucent spine, granting him massive claws, and finally mutating his face to a slimy parasitic eel like head. Lewa looks above to see where the waters are coming from, but he instead finds the previous silhouettes from before changed. Where Vakama used to be, now lies a tentically beast. In Nokama’s place lies a creature with shark-like fins. And in Whenua’s place lies none other than the crab beast from Lewa’s previous nightmare. Lewa’s senses are even further overloaded when he notices the third mask piece for the Ignika off in the distance. It was on a stone pedestal with a strange symbol on it. It was a circle, with a horizontal line in the center and an ovale stretching top to bottom vertically. Beneath the horizontal line were five additional lines bounded by ovale around them. On top of the center horizontal line was a circle that was also bounded by the ovale. Lewa, feeling overwhelmed, screams at the top of his lungs.

Lewa wakes up, sweating and clenching his bed sheets. He then begins touching his body to make sure that his physical form exists. After verifying that he was in fact, not stuck in a nightmare, his terror turned into an anxiety, then into frustration. He wants to go to bed so badly, but doesn’t want to face the possibility of another nightmare. Lewa decides to kill some time, by leaving his room and exploring the boat’s surface.

All he finds is the overnight captain sailing the ship, nothing special. Lewa gently trudges to the boat’s rear and watches the waves splash by. The whole experience medicates Lewa’s sickly feeling he gained from his nightmare. He lays there, letting the humid salt water air loosen his nostrils. That’s until the disgusting smell of tutsi smoke begins clogging up his nostrils again. He looks around exploring where it’s coming from. He finds Tahu, smoking tutsi leaves as he watches the night go by.

Lewa: “Hey, what are you doing up so late?”

Tahu, not expecting any company, gives out a lazy response.

Tahu: “Look, they didn’t allow me to smoke inside, so I smoke out here, want one?”

Lewa: “No thank you, I don’t smoke.”

Tahu: “Rahi dung, a vine swinger who doesn’t smoke, you guys practically invented this stuff.”

Lewa: “Technically invented by Mata Nui’s fertile soil, domestication, and our advantages geographical position, but I know what you mean. I’m not like other Le matoran.”

Tahu: “At least you ain’t no ga matoran.”

Tahu chuckles before placing his cigar back in his mouth. Lewa’s not amused.

Lewa: “Dude, are you an incel or something?”

Tahu looks at Lewa in his eyes.

Lewa: “I mean, it’s fine to trash on Ga Koro. I even do that from time to time. But you do it so much to the point where it’s weird. I’ve read some psychology books back from my highschool days-”

Tahu: “Bet you they were written by ga matoran.”

Lewa: “Probably, but why does that matter? That’s besides the point. Anyways, I read somewhere that when someone keeps reiterating the same themes or phrases over and over again, even in a joking fashion, that’s a sign that that person truly believes what they’re saying.”

Tahu: “Of course I mean what I say, ya think I’m stupid? Ya think I’d deny what you say, Lewa? Because I don’t, I embrace it. You see, unlike other types of matoran, us fire spitters are honest with our criticism, we don’t sugar coat ourselves with passive aggression.”

Lewa: “What you’re doing is passive aggression!”

Tahu: “Oh Lewa, wait till we arrive at Ga Koro, there you’ll see some true passive aggression.”

Lewa: “I swear, who made you like this, hmm.”

Tahu raises an eyebrow at Lewa with a grin on his face.

Lewa: “Were you rejected by one of them? Did one of them break up with you? Did one of them best you in a fight? Were you bullied by one of them when you were young? I’m telling you bro, it’s gotta be one of these four I just mentioned. Just please explain this to me, I’m curious.”

Tahu chuckles and tosses his cigar into the ocean.

Tahu: “How do I explain this? It has nothing to do with any of those things.”

Lewa: “That’s what they all say.”

Tahu: “No but listen to me Lewa. It’s not like that. It’s just…”

Tahu takes out another cigar and thinks of a metaphor of the top of his head.

Tahu: “Here, you le matoran got your tutsi leaves, them onu matorans got their kohli. Same thing between us ta matoran and ga matoran. Us fire spitters are humbled, and them ga matoran are spoiled. It’s as simple as that.”

Lewa: “I kind of get what you mean, but you still make no sense.”

Tahu gets frustrated.

Tahu: “Look Lewa, it just makes me mad when nature favors one lifestyle over another, Okay?”

Lewa: “What?”

Tahu, feeling defeated, takes a sigh.

Tahu: “You’ll see what I mean once we get there.”

Note: This is by far one of my favorite chapters I have written. There’s still some problems with this chapter, especially when it comes to transitions. But overall I really liked what I did with this chapter. This chapters jam packed with information and It foreshadows the conflicts the characters will be having over the rest of the story.

This is the symbol Lewa sees at the end of his nightmare in this chapter.


@Rukah I hope this chapter gives some clarity to some of your questions you’ve been having over the past couple of chapters. :wink:

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That dream was definitely quite the read… very intriguing.

Where did he get an extra cigar?

Oh crap, never realized he just materializes a cigar out of nowhere. I’ll fix that.

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Summary of Ta Koro with spoilers: Krika arrives at the makuta home island to regroup and tell everyone about the mask of life being found. Krika has to work with a mysterious character named Nidhiki. The villain duo of Krika and Nidhiki is born. Meanwhile, as all that’s happening, Lewa arrives at Ta Koro and gets mistaken for a deserter from the Ta Koro military. Due to this, he’s forced to temporarily go to war until he’s saved by a ta matoran named Tahu and a toa of fire named Vakama. The three of them regroup and make a hypothesis on where the second mask piece for the mask of life is. Lewa reunites with an old bully named Airko. As all this is going on, Krika and Nidhiki arrive on the makuta controlled side of Ta Koro. They meet new makuta characters like Icarax. They are informed where the mask could possibly be and are given a vague threat if they fail to attain the mask. Back with the good guys, Lewa learns to forgive Airko for his past actions. Krika’s story thread and Lewa’s story thread eventually collide when both of their groups find each other in the location suspected to contain the second mask piece for the Ignika. Nidhiki goes after Lewa to steal the Ignika, but fails. Tahu and his soldiers manage to fend off Krika’s small army of rahi. Vakama and Krika have a close fight, where Krika ends up victorious, but due to the failures of Nidhiki and his rahi, he’s forced to flee with Nidhiki.The story ends with Tahu agreeing to accompany Lewa’s journey to get the second mask piece of the Ignika. Both characters head off to Ga Koro.

Main themes/ideas: Ta Koro is an island rife with poverty, war, and morally ambiguous characters. As a result, this story’s themes follow the struggles associated with Ta Koro’s problems. In Le Koro, characters from Ta Koro seem unlikable for no apparent reason. In this story, the reader is actually given reasons as to why the matoran from Ta Koro are the way that they are. The impoverished and war-like state of Ta Koro reflects on its matoran, which is the reason why Ta Koro’s inhabitants are bitter, tough, hot headed, realist, and violent. This setting tackles the effects of war and poverty on a population. On top of that, there are heavy themes of forgiveness, morality, unity, and self identity vs ethnic identity. The overarching theme between Le Koro and Ta Koro, is the theme of unity and the question: What gives an individual value? Characters like Lewa and Iruini have shown signs that they value an individual based on their character, while characters like Tahu and Kongu have shown signs that they value an individual based on their usefulness to a greater whole. These conflicts and themes will be greatly expanded upon in Ga Koro.

Inspirations/Works cited:

  • Avatar the Last Airbender (This is pretty obvious, ta matoran culture and the imagery in this story is very influenced by the fire nation in Avatar.)
  • Bionicle (This is also pretty obvious and doesn’t need much explaining)
  • The Neverending Story (Teridax’s appearance in this story is more of an idea or a thing. He’s not really a character. His appearance is very influenced by ‘The Nothing’ in The Neverending Story.)
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion (There were many times in this story where I tried to invoke the same feelings of this anime’s cinematography, through written imagery.)
  • Doom 2016 (I tried to write the war-like moments of this story in a way where they felt like Doom 2016.)
  • Schindler’s List (This movie only inspired one chapter, that being Icarax’s chapter, but this movie will have significantly more influence on this story when I move on to book 2)
  • Sandra Cross - Holding on (This is a song that inspired a small moment in chapter 2 of this story.)
  • Kanye West - Donda album (This album influenced the way I wrote the final chapter of this story. These two songs, Hurricane and 24, very clearly have influence on the verses spoken in the final chapter.)
  • Kylernuva1 mocs (Yes, I’m once again using characters who were conceived by Kylernuva. This is only because I’m not creative enough to come up with new character designs, character names, or reuse actual canon bionicle characters in interesting uniques ways. Besides, his makuta mocs look really cool and I’d love to use them as side characters in this story.)
  • Fnaf vhs tapes (These tapes also have a massive influence on the final chapter. The nightmares Lewa has in these stories are very inspired by the Fnaf vhs tape style.)
  • Hunchback of Notre Dame (Nidhiki’s character is very inspired off of Quasimodo.)
  • Numerous cultural inspirations (Similarly to Le Koro being inspired off of Latin America, Ta Koro is also inspired off of multiple other cultures. Imperial Japanese culture is one of the many cultures which have inspired Ta Koro; Ta Koro’s sense of honour, food, and war like mentality is very reminiscent of imperial Japanese culture. Newly independent African nations also inspired the culture of Ta Koro; this can be seen through the instability of Ta Koro as a nation due to poverty, unequal wealth distribution, and constant wars. The Southern U.S. is the final culture to have inspired Ta Koro; this can be seen from the way they Ta matoran speak.)