Bionicle cannon contenst entry "The First"

Here is my entry for the helryx contest.




Sides (with weapons):

Side (without weapons):

Breakdown images:

Mask model is made by KingK (mostly intended as just a placeholder) and can be downloaded here:

to use the mask in studio you’ll need to download this pack:

here’s the studio model:

I tried to keep this moc purist friendly, no painted parts are required to build it, however some parts are in rarer colours, such as the grey half-gears and blue bohrok eyes

you’ll also need to download this parts pack for studio, as there are quite a few bionicle parts that aren’t included by default


Very nice entry, it’s easily my favorite that was submitted so far. The first picture with the action pose looks very impressive.


I like the idea behind this, but the proportions are kinda wack since the Mata torso is so small, and I don’t really like how gappy those thighs are.


There is a solid VooDoo Heads vibe here, and I dig that.

I really like the shield!

And here’s another good one!