Bionicle Canon contest #2: meet the maker. Artahka the King of Creation

Just wanted to make this moc because why not. I didn’t use the g2 mask of creation rather I wanted him to feel like a Dwarf King who wields his hammer. I hope you all enjoy and let me know what you think.


Hey, thank you for entering!

We can not accept this entry yet, as it fails to follow several of our contest rules.

You still need to:

-Provide a back, side, and breakdown image of this entry.
-Include the name of the contest in the title.

After that, we can accept this into the contest as entered.

Thank you!


Does this meet the qualifications now Eljay?

Yup, you’re all good! Thank you, and best of luck!


That beard tho.


god luck in the contest bro

love the head

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Thanks :blush:

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I like that crown looking thing on his head, nice touch. Interesting torso build too.


Thank you. My goal was to make it fully out if g1 parts and that includes the head. I thought that this mask already looked bearded and decided to add to it. :grin: