BIONICLE Canon Contest #3: Honor Guard, Part 2 (Art) + Part 1 Winners

Yeah the deadline was extended

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Ahh ok

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How do you attach the shield (with rhotuka connector block) onto Bomonga’s fingers?


When’s the voting supposed to start

I believe some time after October 2nd

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I really think that this ought to be reconsidered for three reasons:

  1. The eye color of a character is a fairly small detail, in my opinion, and changing it doesn’t drastically change the character’s appearance

  2. Up until 2005, almost every canister wave of sets included a unique eye color for each set.

  3. Some artists have opted to give Bomonga a metallic green mask, and/or Pouks a metallic blue one. However, Bomonga already has green eyes, and Pouks already has blue eyes. Because of this, there is a lack of visual contrast in any art pieces that use those metallic colors


Also most comics from the early years of Bionicle changed up characters eye colors fairly regularly.

In Bionicle 25 (the comic Toa Norik and Iruini debut in) Norik’s eye color is incorrect for most of the comic. But his eye color changes to the correct color in a few panels.

Throughout 2004-2005, Toa (Metru) Vakama’s eyes were always wrong. They were blue instead of neon green.

Characters in set form have their eye colors constantly changed as well. So I think it seems fair to say even the og Bionicle team at LEGO would’ve agreed with this;


I originally chaged the eyes color of some Toa for the reasons that you and @Stuubh mentioned. I went for Blouks and the original blue eyes go a bit unnoticed. I also wanted to each have a unique color.

But I had to reverse them to the original eyes colors not to be disqualified. Now, this really is a quick change, at least for me, and I wouldn’t mind if that rule was removed.

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The thing about the comic comparison is that we have multiple depictions of those characters. We know the correct eye color, even if the one shown in the comics is wrong. You know Vakama’s eyes are the wrong color because we have a set, and numerous depictions, of him with the correct color.

For the Hagah, though, this is it. We’re only going to get this one depiction of them. Whatever eye color they have in that image will be the one they canonically have.

On the other hand:

Obviously, I can’t speak for all moccists, but for me personally, I agree that eye color isn’t a huge deal. Often, I give my mocs whatever eye color I have, and if they have a Metru head I don’t even bother with an eyestalk at all. (The only exception is that I try to stick to Ice Characters having blue eyes, and even that I don’t hold to all the time). So I think changing eye color for the art should be fine.


Anybody knows when the official deadline is, I am still allowed to make some changes to my entry?

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The deadline apear at the bottom of this topic, october 2nd if I’m not wrong.
Since your entry is already acepted in the contest, my recomendtion is to ask to the mods if they allow you to upload a new version. If doesn’t change nothing that could imply a disqualification, I belive you should be fine.


You are allowed to make changes, but only once.


My Entry in to the Hagah Art Contest


You should post it here:


Ok thanks

Best of luck to all the entries for the art contest this weekend :clap:


Wait, sorry, just to clarify- the deadline is this Saturday October 2nd? And if so, does that mean entries can be submitted ON Saturday, or do they have to be submitted before (e.g. on or before Friday)?

And if they can be submitted on Saturday, what time of day must they be submitted by? Will entries submitted at 11:59 PM be accepted, or do they have to be submitted before then? And what time zone applies? (Eastern Time, Pacific Time, etc?)

(Asking because I’m finishing an entry and gauging how much time I have to refine it).

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You have until 11:59 PM EST on October 2nd, 2021.

Entries can be submitted on Saturday. I don’t know what the ruling is on down-to-the-second entries, but I wouldn’t recommend that you let it get that close.


I created an alternate build to stabilize Pouks’ shoulder armor:

I substituted the blue 43093 piece with 18651 to prevent the thin bracket falling off when you remove the shoulder armor piece.

The brackets stay in one place and minimizes shoulder armor wobbling. Hope you find success with this build approach! :+1: