BIONICLE Characters Similar to Non-BIONICLE Characters

I’ve noticed that some characters from BIONICLE are similar in some ways to characters that are not from BIONICLE.
For example, Taipu is basically Caboose (from Red Vs. Blue)
Vezon is pretty much Deadpool
Tren Krom is Cthulu
Teridax is Batman if he became evil
Can anyone think of anyone else?

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First off, we have several topics like this, so this one should be closed

second, your choices are off.
Vezon is specifically based on the Joker
Teridax is nothing like Batman. That’s more Kopaka.

Multiple back up plans. Sticks to the shadows. Wears black.
Just saying.

My apologies. I didn’t realize that.

Actually, Batman rarely makes backup plans. He knows his plans will work the first time. He only really makes them when going up against beings more powerful than him, like Superman or Darkseid.


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