In the code for the Bionicle website, the word Akamai (who you may remember is the comination of Tahu, Pohatu, and Onua) can be found 3 times. It's notable that this is the only name on the website, The name is only used in conjunction with something relating to the Mask of Creation, leading my good friend @Indigogeek1 to speculate that Akamai will now be used as the name of the Mask of Creation

Also notable in the code is the exclusion of the word Okoto, which was previously found by a BZP member.


Akamai's a pretty decent name. I'd be ok if that is the name of the MoC. I was kind of worried what they were going to name it. Or if they were going to name it at all.


Although, this, if it's true, confirms without a doubt that it's a hard reboot

Which is good.

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I was hoping for a soft reboot but it doesn't seem like we are going to get it since we got all this new stuff. Wait, did we get a set that has the "Akamai?"

Akamai was the Toa Kaita of Tahu, Onua, and Pohatu


Yes, maybe I should have said MoC.

Maybe we'll get to see the return of the Toa Katia after all?

Perhaps Akamai will be one of the summer Titans.

Unlikely. The name Akamai is repeated three times, meaning it probably refers to something visible now. I don't think there's any way this could be twisted towards a continuation.

I checked the HTML myself, and they're all references to, emphasis on the ".net". Akamai is a content delivery network used on a lot of websites, so it doesn't really mean anything story-wise.

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That would be an awfully big coincidence

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It's not that big a coincidence at all. Akamai is incredibly widespread, and many companies use it. I know that facebook does.

Besides, given that it's "", akamai is a domain name, not a file name. If we had references to something like "", then that might be important. Otherwise, it's just a conventional URL.

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It's not suspicious at all that you only joined 40 minutes ago. Or that this is the only thing you've done.
It's not like you're a lego employee or anything like that.


Three times

Three toa

Also, it is a coincidence. Akamai is a character in Bionicle, and the word is on the Bionicle website. If it is not related to the story, it's a coincidence.

I talked to my friend who knows a lot about coding as well, he confirmed that Akamai is used all over It's not exclusive to this Bionicle page.


Oh well.

I still think Speedy Velcro is a Lego employee.

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hmm, it's interesting that they used an old name that had didn't have much to do with a Kanohi for the Mask of Creation. Although I can accept the Mask being called Akamai.

It is a coincidence, naturally. I'm just saying it's not a very important. Akamai also take their name from the hawaiian language, according to Wikipedia.

I mean it's not suspicious that they only founded within the last forty years, or that Akamai is the only name they've had. I doubt they're Lego employees, or anything like that. wink

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Half Life 3 was already confirmed.