Bionicle creation stop motion

If anyone is interested, I made a stop motion film telling the story of the BIONICLE 2015 line (sort of). It is in a home setting and features a few non canon scenes but includes the arrival of the Toa, the Skull Villains and such.

There are a load of problems with it and if you read the youtube video description, I have listed them there. But, If you’re interested, have a look.

Thank you and have a nice day!


“Bionicle Creation”

Legit name you got there.

Yeah, I couldn’t think of anything else at the time.

oh man this is long, should be good


My only complaints are shaky camera and a lack of actual background. Otherwise, dang good!


pretty much

also, the toa wanting to basically murder Kulta was a little off putting

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The way they killed everyone was pretty brutal as well now that I think about it… They freakin quartered Warrior.
But hey, the hordika virus is one hell of a drug eh?


Thanks everyone for the feedback!

Yeah, the shaky cam must have been quite off putting. In the next animation that I do, that issue will be fixed and I will use a green screen with backgrounds made in photoshop.

In retrospect, the Toas’ murderous intentions and the finale fight were a bit violent. For the final battle, I was attempting to imitate the church scene from Kingsman the Secret Service so I made it quite violent, especially Skull Warrior’s bit haha!

Anyway, glad you enjoyed it and thanks once again :smile:




Its Okay
you need a Tripod to get it perfect
also I would recommend a Tripod since it is literally impossible to get the same shot using your hand

Thanks for the feedback. The tripod was not the real problem though, as I have one that works fine. The main problem is that the camera I used for this did not allow a remote shutter, thus I had to press the actual camera every time I took a photo so the camera jogged every photo. I have a new camera now (and a remote shutter) so in future animations, the shaky cam issue should be fixed.

Glad to hear you got a new camera that allows for remote shutter. Everyone beat me to it but yes the camera was a little bit shakey but at least that is fixed now.
Something I noticed in the beginning (not so much towards the end) was that there was some flickering going on. Could be a number of things of what caused it- usually the most common issue being shooting in daylight and using the sun as your lighting. One last thing I’ll mention and this is just a small pet peeve is the 4:3 aspect ratio for the next time you should (if you can) change it to 16:9 so it has a widescreen format without black bars taking up a quarter of the video viewing space.

I really liked the animation though and what you accomplished. You obviously put a lot of time and effort into this film and it does show. I apologize if my criticism comes off as rude as that is not my intent at all- I think this is a great video, I look forward to seeing how your future work turns out.


Thanks for the feedback, and don’t worry, it isn’t rude at all. I think lighting was an issue and the flickering I found hard to avoid because I was using natural light. For my next project I will be using a green screen so I will invest in some lamps for lighting.

I didn’t think about the aspect ratio. Is there a function on iMovie or Windows Movie Maker that allows one to do this because I couldn’t find it. Needless to say, I’m not using iMovie again because I am switching to after effects. I think there is a way to do it in Adobe programmes.

Once again, thanks for the response and I’m glad you liked it. :grinning:

Yes I do use Adobe Programs (At least After Effects anyway) and you do have the option of 16:9. Just make your resolution 1920 x 1080 and the rest should be taken care of for you :wink:
As for the feature on iMovie or WMM- I dunno- I haven’t used WMM since 2009/2010 lol. I would think so but ehhh.

and no prob! Glad my feedback wasn’t mean ha ha