Bionicle: Dawn Of Time Arcdron poster

So well yes. I usually try to do something cool with my mocs that isnt just posing them on a table and taking pictures of them.

So i made a poster with my self moc.


From what I can see Arcdron looks pretty great. The custom blue marks around the eyes looks weak and not painted on but in a cool kind of way it really compliments the mocs. I can see that you used a lot of white pieces but didn't make it the overall colour since blue is very well accented. The protruding blue pins only add to the colour scheme and make Arcdron that much better.

The only problem with making a poster instead of taking a lot of photos is only getting one view of the moc. Unless of course you want to make multiple posters but that would be pretty hard to do.

Edited: Just realized you have two other topics about Arcdron. Well this is awkward.

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Thanks for the comment. Im aming to do stop mition and maybe even write my own bionicle dawn of time book. I need a good picture for the cover so getting feedback on my creations is greate.

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