BIONICLE FANFICTION : Spherus Magna Reborn Saga

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A story 8 years in the making, this Bionicle fanfic is situated in an alternate universe where the newly formed planet Spherus Magna gets struck by a mysterious blue force, which instantly reshapes the planet's surface and spreads its inhabitants all over the globe. A large group of Matoran end up on a remote island and try to make the best of their new lives, with the help of 8 Turaga sent by Mata Nui. After thousands of years, the Matoran are settled on their island paradise and the memories of the past have faded into nothing but myths.

Our story begins 5 thousand years after the Second Great Cataclysm, when a new evil washes up on the shores of Mehri Nui.


Well, this is one of the most important projects I've been working on for a very long time, the original storyline was quite different to what it has become in the past few months. Basically, the first "draft" featured an alternate universe where the Toa weren't able to resurrect Mata Nui, but found clues to a mysterious fail-safe mask, a mask that could control the entire universe.

However, after reading Nova Orbis by NickinAmerica ( something I'd advice to everyone ) I got inspired to completely alter the storyline, instead setting it several thousand years in the future after the Merging. To me it's important to state that I'm in no way trying to copy him. Although there are some elements inspired by his fanfiction ( like the Agori/Matoran "merging", though due complete other reasons ), which I want to stress he deserves full credit for, other elements were created by myself in the older storyline.

The new storyline features elements from the Multiverse, as the Second Great Cataclysm was caused by the Olmak Effect. This cataclysm took place only 100 years after the Merging, but this energy since then has altered time and space in such a way that these years are blurry to most inhabitants and several unexplained events are long forgotten.

Currently this reshaped planet is inhabited by various life-forms. So far we know there are "modern" Matoran, Turaga and various forms of Rahi living on this world. Next to them, there's the mysterious Tribe, a group of Glatorian and Agori outcasts that didn't appreciate the arrival of the MU inhabitants and blame them for the mysterious events that took place during the Second Great Cataclysm.

Whether older characters are still alive or if they'll appear in this storyline is still a secret. The story will kick off with a prologue of 12 chapters. Each individual chapter will feature one Koro and will describe the day-to-day lives of the Matoran on Mehri Nui, and introduce some of the prime characters in this storyline. Each character and Rahi has/will get its own MOC, which will be shown in time.

Well, that's it for now, thanks for reading !


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I really like this story idea! I can't wait to see where it goes.

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