BIONICLE: Fight for Power

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BIONICLE: Fight for Power; Chapter 1 - Episode 01 - The Match

Gather friends, and listen again to the legend... of BIONICLE.
Time before time, there was a city of wonders called the Mangaia.
It was a place, where we, the Matoran lived in peace, but that peace didn't last too long...

"Nuparu? ... Nuparu?" - Bomonga searched for his friend - "Nuparu, there you're! What are you doing?"
"Ohh, hello Bomonga, as you can see I'm still... trying to make my greatest creation to work!"
Nuparu was an engineer, a very-very unlucky one to be specific.
He is working on his robot right now, which he named V4HK1-010. "Do you know what day is today?" - Bomonga asked Nuparu - "N-nno?"
"Today is the day of the first match in the Colissium! ... Don't you say that you're not coming with us! Norik and Iruini will be there too!"
"Sorry, i know i've promised you guys, but I can't go i need to make this work!" - "You're working on this for like... 3 months? 4 months?
It's just not gonna work... Oh well, I'm going, are you sure you're not coming with us?" - "Yes. Sorry, Bomonga... Oh, and say
hello to Iruini and Norik in my name! I didn't see them in a while!" - "All right, I'm going... I wish you luck, with that... thing."
The Colissium was filled with Matoran, everybody was excited of the first match of this tournament. And you may ask... What kind of match they play?
It's called Glatorian match. Two skilled Matoran warriors fight against each other in the Colissium. Theres only two rule: No ranged weapon,
and you can't kill your opponent.
"Bomonga, hey there! Come here, we have a seat for you and Nuparu!" - Iruini shouted to his friend
"Hello guys, how's it going?" - "Doin' well Bomonga, wheres Nuparu?" - said Norik - "He's working on his... "robot" right?"
"Yes, Iruini, he is." - "I'm not surprised..." - "Sshhh, it begins!"
"Welcome, Matoran, to 13th Glatorian Tournament!" - A face appeared on the telescreen, the face, of Makuta - "Our two warriors are, Kongu of Le-Koro! And...
Kapura, of Ta-Koro! Good luck, brave Matoran!"
Makuta opened the Glatorian tournament. But who is Makuta? Makuta is the leader of Mangai, since the ancient times. Nobody knows how long he is in charge
in the position of Turaga.
The battle took long. Both warriors were strong, and none of them wanted to give up. After a little time... Something strange happened.
In the middle of the arena... A giant portal opened, which was crimson red, and it was burning like through the portal was Hell.
Burning demons appeared through it, the Matoran started to panic. "Keep your calm Matoran, everyone get back to your homes! Ta-Koro guard into position!
RED CODE! I repeat, RED code!" Another face appeared on the tele-screen. The face of Vakarak. Personal guard of Turaga Makuta, and leader of the
Ta-Koro guard.

To be continued


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BIONICLE: Fight for Power; Chapter 1 - Episode 02 - Fate

While Vakarak speaks, Nuparu appears with his new invention in the middle of the arena.
"IT WORKS! IT WORKS! I KNOW IT WILL WORK! It won't work they said, do something useful they said! ... Ohm... What's going on?"
A Burning Magma demon jumps on the V4HK1-010, and melts, and throws away it's piecies.
"HOLY GADUNKA! YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDIN' ME!" - Nuparu didn't believe what he saw, it's the typical situation, when something happens, which you
do not expect to happen. "YOU PIECE OF RAHI BONES!" Magma Demon looks at Nuparu "Ok, it's allright, you can do whathewer you want with that robot!"
"Nuparu! GET AWAY FROM IT!" - Turaga Makuta, Vakarak, and the Ta-Koro guard arrived to secure the portal.
The magma demon jumps on Nuparu, but in time, Makuta was able to knock the demon down from him.
"Are you alltight Nuparu?" - "Yes, Turaga, thank you. What's happening?"
"What i didn't expect to happen this early on... Nuparu. Give these to Norik, Gaaki, Iruini, Kualus, Pouks, and Bomonga!
Run! They will know what to do with them!"
"What are these?" - "Just run! Our fate depends on you! RUN!"
Nuparu was still shocked about whats going on. He thought that this can only be a dream. He hurried to complete his order.
"Turaga, how are we gonna close the portal?" - Vakarak asked Makuta
"Hold these demons back! And..."
A giant one of these creatures appeared. He was double as tall as Vakarak, and Vakarak wasn't that small.
With a Giant spear and shield, and claws of magma.
"Eljött a kaptár ideje, Nimród gyermekei, végetek van!" - Said the creature in ancient language
"There's only time for your punishment, demon!" - Makuta replied
They've fought bravely against the demons. It looked like they're gonna won, and so they did. But every victory has it's cost.
"Vakarak, hold this big one back, I'll close the portal!"
Then a smaller, stalker like creature jumped on Makuta, and cut off his right arm.
"TURAGA!" Kapura cuts the demon in hald with his sword.
"Turaga!" - "It's all right, Kapura. Close... The... Portal..."
The dying Turaga gives a dagger to Kapura, which is somehow able to close the portal.
Kapura was succesful. They stopped more of the magma creatures from coming through... For now.
"No. It can't be it Makuta!" - Vakarak knew that his leader, who in time had became his friend, is gonna die.
"My journey ends here, friend... Defend, the hope of Mangai, defend it!"
This was the Turaga's last wish, which Vakarak didn't understand.
In Bomonga's house
"Bomonga, let me in! It's Nuparu!"
"Nuparu, I'm glad you're here, do you know what happened in the arena?"
"The Turaga said that I should give these to six matoran. And you're one of them. The turaga also said, that you'll know what to do with it."
"What is this? ... A stone?" - "Yes, it's just a rock or something."
Nuparu gave the rock to his friend. When Bomonga touched the stone, a vision went through his mind. "You're your peoples last hope. And as a last hope,
their fate is in your hands." The voice belonged to Turaga Makuta.
"Bomonga, are you all right?"
"Yeeah, just a vision... About the Turaga..." - "What did he say? What did you see?"
"That evereyone's fate is in my hands. And I've seen the archives. The deepest point of it."
"Please, somebody wake me up!" - Nuparu

By the way facts:
These demons are inspired by my magma elementals/rahi mocs. And Turaga Makuta has a body of a Toa, which is strange, but he does.

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