BIONICLE G1 Canon Contests Discussion & Questions

Yes, that’s fine.

@Eljay, In the art portion of the contest, will we be allowed to depict characters in an environment, or just against a void? Also, can we depict the model alongside another, canon character (like having Bomunga (he had the mask of rahi control, right?) riding on a muaka tiger).

Also, presume if you’re allowing digital 3-D art physical (clay, wood-carving, etc.) is also up for grabs, right?

Regardng 3-D printed parts, if a modeler has decided they are making their parts fair game for the contest, must that include all of their parts, or can they only allow some that they explicitly state are creative commons?

Even more pressingly must we use a mask for the purpose the creator intended for it? If I were to use someone’s mask of healing as a mask of psychometry, would that be allowed?

And, finally, a quick suggestion that probably won’t go anywhere, but might be fun. Since there seems to be a large gap between MOC contests, which makes perfect sense since people need time to plan and gather parts, perhaps between those contests there could be smaller art-only contests of lesser consequence (like contests to depict rahksh spines/staffs).

It can be in an environment, but it must only be the one character you are illustrating. No others.


Any pieces used in a MOC. And that is up to the 3D modeler. If they decide not to allow them, they aren’t allowed to be used.

Whatever mask is on the MOC (in the case of Helryx, Tuyet, and Artakha) won’t matter. It’s whatever is being illustrated

We’re not doing those. Our goal is to not clutter things with menial contests to canonize things that only serve as trivia at the end of a wiki page.

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Are we allowed to base the masks in the artwork off of models that are in the creative commons, even if we didn’t create them (with due credit, of course, to their creators)?

Also, if a MOC that’s won a contest has a isn’t mask-less, will it in its base form be entered again into the second contest? If the creator made a MOC that was intended to have a certain head on it, it would feel unfair for that head to be disqualified if the MOist lacks the capacity to create a good artistic depiction of it. Otherwise, if at must be there, it would seem fair (though admittedly very tricky) to provide winning MOCists with an artist to depict the MOC with the mask/weapons the builder intended.

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It’s gonna depend. We’ll get more into that as we get closer to the art portion, though I’m leaning toward no at the moment.

One MOC gets moved forward into the art portion. The art portion is to design a piece of art to be displayed on BS01 and to design the canonical mask. The design could totally be the mask used on the MOC, or it could not be. It’s - again - going to depend.

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After taking time to think about this, I want to make a public statement about this contest : in order to offer more options and choice of pieces for the candidates, I want to offer the services of the IronFoam Armory to anyone wanting to use my 3D models.

Many of you may know I got a shapeways shop, and that I’m a seller in the first place. To celebrate the incoming canonization of several important characters of the Bionicle franchise, I’m willing to bring you my collection and state to the TTV team that I allow any participant to use them.
However, there will be rules to follow. I won’t release my entire shop at once on thingiverse, so after consulting Eljay and Mesonak here is the process to follow to have acces to my models :

First, you have to know what you want from me. A tool, a mask… please take first a close look at my shapeways shop in order to make your idea of what you want, it’s the most complete display of what is avalaible. Second, contact me personally and clearly state you want to enter the TTV contest and tell me what model you need. I’m counting on you to only ask for what you need and not for files for personal use. According to the agreement I got with TTV, at this moment I will make three things :

  1. provide the asked file to the candidate.
  2. release it publicly and permanently on thingiverse for anyone wanting it afterwards.
  3. lower permanently the price of the model on my shapeways shop to no markup in order to offer the same chances to anyone not having a 3Dprinter.

This offer implies that you know what I have to provide first. Of course, any use of my work should be credited.

I hope my contribution will be helpful !


Thought of another thing in this regard - who determines if the breakdown photos are fine? Would we wait for someone official to tell an entry yes/no or is it along the lines of “if nobody complains it’s fine”?

I have a question: If design for a mask of certain characters will be decided separately through drawing contest, does that mean that we will never actually get to see the entire character in a single picture ? Doesn’t that kind of undermine the purpose of the contest for having an official representation of characters ?
Additionaly many people complain about not everybody having access to 3D printed masks, but no one is concerned about masks that don’t even exist in physical form ? Current rules for 3D printed pieces state that they must be made publicly available for free, but what about drawn designs that end up being official - if someone will want to recreate the MOC, they either cannot do so or have to design a 3D model (which will no longer have to be free because it wasn’t actually used in the original MOC itself, defeating the purpose of this rule).
In order to avoid this, someone would have to be commisioned to create a 3D printable models for the winning entries of the masks.
My personal concern is not having a visual of a character in one package, but fragmented.

PS: I myself am all for 3D printed pieces.


No, in the drawing part of the contest the illustration will be of the character wearing a mask designed by the illustrator

Ok, I see. My second point still stands however… If the illustration is 3D then it would be less of a problem, but what about 2D ?

Will the art section of the contest start immediately after the 22nd? I’m sorry if someone asked this already.

@ToaKebaka Personally I would draw the entire MOC as well, as well as a whole turnaround. We’ll see what the rules for the illustration section will be.

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in regards to mocing are tyres aloud?

No. The voting would have to occur first.

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Does this apply to parts that originally had multiple colors, such as this?

Would a part like this need to be monochromatic, or can we color each section independently?


can tyres be used in the mocs to add more mass to parts? such as putting them over limb piece’s or no?


Would it be allowed for someone to build a custom head design depicting an as of yet non-canon mask, upload it on the TTV Message Boards with a building tutorial and allow for it to be used by others for the contests?

Since this is basically no different from providing a 3D printed mask, that would be alright for heads/masks, right?

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Please excuse me if some opinions have already been debated.

The idea of ​​a canonization competition in the G1 is, I think, a source of excitement. From the comments this is also a lot of confusion and “problem”.

It is true, that shaping and designing cannon models will enrich the BIONICLE heritage and this after a whole decade !

However, some rules do not seem legitimate.
The age limit at 13? We all know that our first BIONICLE was not for some at 13 years old. Lehvak was mine, and I was only 8 years old … I had no idea that he would not be the last. And even less than this simple Bohrok was part of a huge story, where I still learn it every day !

13, means the birth of this child in the Mahri era. An 8-year-old child can very well create an OMC with the parts of his parents who lived in the G1 era. There is no need to understand a story to create characters with a description. Admittedly, this MOC will not be as finished as people with baggage from the start. But the BIONICLE community has always been for everyone.

Age may be due to people who are afraid, to find less finished MOC CANONS like in the books Dark Hunters and Rahi Beasts.
I am not without reminding you, that it is precisely THESE CREATIONS that make what is the G1. We have all been euphoric, trying to reconstruct these different MOCS with more or less ease. But BIONICLE G1 is it. Today, and I am extremely touched that the Grand Mata Nui that is Greg Farshtey, wants to continue adding content to the G1 …

So give me a good reason for the silhouette of Witch Doctor to join a Toa team. What? This set is a Hero Factory and not a Bionicle.
Obviously, but his parts are for my part too rounded unlike “G1 parts”. We all know that Hero Factory tried to be a replacement for this great History, but how can pieces that have never been shaped by the mask of Creation or the Great Beings be integrated into the old generation ?
Yes, Lego parts have evolved, I agree! Totally agree ! But finding a mask of a protector or the mask of a skull on an epaulet, does that really not just pose a spark of concern to anyone ?

For 10 years, all of us have all helped to create characters who have never looked better. A simple search on the internet is enough to give you what fans love most about these different creations. I could have, actually put more. But these different creations are very close in nature to the G1, with 95% of parts originating from this generation.

Toa Helryx :

Toa Hagah :
Thank’s 00dudeoo !! The most sought after in MOCS are obviously yours !!

Toa Tuyet :

Toa Orde :

Toa Zaria :

Toa Chiara :

Lariska :

Toa Nidhiki :

Toa Varian :

Gold Skinned Being : this is certainly the most representative

This guy managed to merge thanks to the pieces of the different BIONICLE, missing more than a gold pattern,h_800,q_80,strp/skakdi_fusion___the_golden_skinned_being_by_just_rube_d8cu353-fullview.jpg?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOiIsImlzcyI6InVybjphcHA6Iiwib2JqIjpbW3siaGVpZ2h0IjoiPD04MDAiLCJwYXRoIjoiXC9mXC8wYzA0ZWYwYi1lZDVhLTQ4NDktYWE2MS0wZjQwZjg1YTI1NjlcL2Q4Y3UzNTMtNDg4N2FmZmYtYTdjZC00ZDU4LWI2NDMtNmVlZDIxNWEzYWM4LnBuZyIsIndpZHRoIjoiPD0xMDAwIn1dXSwiYXVkIjpbInVybjpzZXJ2aWNlOmltYWdlLm9wZXJhdGlvbnMiXX0.hzaHLs1Id6B8s2WYjnYws3VS385ckqgnxyQsGUSIwP4


:video_game: Bionicle: Legend of Mata Nui on Twitter
“Finally thought to look-up the difference between Irnakk and “The Golden-Skinned Being,” because I always get them confused, and it turns out there really isn’t one. They’re both golden Piraka combiners that turn dreams into reality. Huh.”

551 votes and 60 comments so far on Reddittkiwyi7c2xr31.jpg?auto=webp&s=d791a1d02cdfc34feb69ba624b48c4d07ca0e25b3120x4160
943 votes and 58 comments so far on Redditlghu554kyds31.png?auto=webp&s=f4f3510f3aa27f0058fa81451760927990eeaada1152x1400
Marendar :

Marendar new picsMarendar new pics768x1024
I could even talk about other MOCS such as Kojol : this MOC is a restoration of a competition and potentially taken for “canon”.
Or this one with a 3D mask : Kojol: Makuta of Artakha

In addition, speaking of 3D masks, the rule for impressions (something I do not practice), I find that it does not go in the direction of individual creativity. Like 00dudeoo who is one of the first and I have been since his creation of the Ignika, some masks have been “already” canonized for a long time by the fans. Why not canonize these different masks by another competition? And will therefore be admitted for the canon visual contest ?

Because on the mask level, there is something to debate, the Artakha mask has nothing to envy to the Mask of life due to its details :

So yes, actually I think like some members that “these contests” risk hurting the G1, not by the objective, but by the presence of this G2 that many have criticized within the community, and which however has taken precedence over the different creations.

These fan pages : and takes up what the G1 is.

This is of majestic beauty : , but do fans really want a merger of the G1, Hero Factory and the G2? and mix that with Warhammer’s art of painting ?

Many have asked to give its nobility to the G1 … I want to be part of those who believe in it and who continued to create for it.

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I can’t touch the other points, since I’m not qualified to do so, however, the thing I CAN deal with, is the age question.

The reason it’s 13 is because that’s the age you have to be to join this site. Why? It’s due to the very thing that was a factor of the debacle with Youtube last year, COPPA.

In order to comply with COPPA, a website has to define whether it is for people below, or above 13. If for below, then a website has to have various forms of security and safeties in place in order to protect children. However, this site doesn’t have those, and as such marks itself as not for children below 13. Therefore, children under 13 aren’t allowed on the site. (obviously there are fakers, but there isn’t much the site can do about that)

TL;DR The age limit isn’t because they don’t want children involved, it’s for legal reasons.


I think what you said about wether or not people will want to merge G1 and G2 should be left up to the people right? Luckily for us it will be. We are the ones voting on the winner. If you don’t like a moc specifically because it has G2 or HF elements, then don’t vote for. If the vote is between one moc with G2 parts and one with only G1 parts then we will see if people want to merge generations or not.


I’d also like to point out that this site being 13+ is the reason Greg can be here, which is what enabled these contests to happen.