BIONICLE G1 Canon Contests Discussion & Questions

No, that why I said that rule should apply for Tuyet (and I also think the same for Nidhiki). I never mentioned Lariska. Lariska is different, she has an especific and rare color, so painting should be allowed. But blue and green are very common, especially since it could be any of the variation of those colors.

I wouldn’t said no to metallic colors. For example this Helryx entry use metallic blue, but it blends very well without give her a Nuva or Hagah look.


I second you there, actually. If there is a secondary color, I’d rather it were black, but if there doesn’t have to me, none would be better.

I’m guessing this is aimed at my last post…? The point is that you can make something look tasteful without asking permission first. As always, one can make a curvy female MOC without cramming it full of sexualization.

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How was the current design of mask of Psychometry recognized as Canon?
I don’t know because I wasn’t here when Helryx contest was held.
Was there mask contest after Helryx contest?
Then could there be mask of Intangibility contest?

Honestly that could make for a great Tuyet

No. The mask was designed as part of the final art. At that point, it was a mask contest with emphasis on stylization of the original moc, a compromise to make BS01 happy.


I think a curvy female moc is asking for a big argument, especially considering there’s no reason for a canon bonkle to have curves.

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That’s at least still Elementally coloured. I should specify non-Elemental/generic metallics; I prefer Toa to be as colourful as possible, not hiding colour underneath colourless metal. (Yeah, I know there are some Elements whose colours schemes are generic colours; this isn’t about them)

After the Helryx MOC Contest, there was an Art Contest in which artists were instructed to replicate the winning MOC in their own stylization except for the mask, which they were to replace with a custom mask which would become canon.

I suspect that the Art Contest would have happened anyways even if BS01 was cool with 3d printed parts, since a fully canon MOC would have required a custom mask, which TTV has said they would never make mandatory.

The only difference would be that the MOC would also be official.

EDIT: I’m just going to bring this discussion over here:

I’m not sure, but I was under the impression that the Hagah had removed and replaced their natural armour with the metallic armour, not simply put it over top.

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Excuse me, somehow it was written in reply.

Anyway, there will be arguments because the range of sexual expression is ambiguous.
In particular, there must be some complaints about banning the build method of official set(i.e. roodaka)

A reminder, we were reminded to stop this discussion point and it has came up several times since that warning. So. Back to color schemes or literally anything else?


Toa Hagah.

As it stands right now, we’re kind of close to a perfect colour split; Gold Bomonga and Silver Gaaki seem quite likely, as does Blue Kualus. Unless the artists decide to go for unique colours for everyone, we’ll probably have a 2/2/2 split or a 3/3 split, which means we need at least one gold and one silver Hagah to come out of these contests.

So that brings me to my question: if we already have two Hagah with gold and silver as frontrunner colours, why do so many people care about changing those colours? I’ve seen a lot of comments on the Bomonga and Gaaki polls saying something along the lines of “I really like this entry, but I didn’t vote for it because the colour is locked”. Why? Can’t we just accept those two as having those colours, and then use Kualus and Pouks to balance out the third colour? (Or match the two existing colours, I suppose)

I guess this really ties into a more general question that I have about the colour changing: would you prefer that the changes be kept to a minimum just to reach the nearest natural colour balance, or do you want the artists to have complete creative control over all four colours?

Because to me, the colour change was meant as more of an emergency measure to change one or two Hagah to fix colour balance, with the original results being adhered to as closely as possible.

(Just to be clear, I’m not trying to suggest this as a rule, it’s just my mindset going into the next round)


Generally, I trust artists to handle the colors responsibly. And even if one or two artists decide to go crazy with them, the community will decide.


about Tuyet Contest,

I looked up Greg Discussion archives about Tuyet.
Eventually, her weapon was only seen in dark mirror.

But I found this.

nui stone and nui stone shards embedded in her armor cannot coexist.

I’d prefer a natural balance, be 3-3 or 2-2-2, which seem the two likely outcomes at this point. And honestly, I don’t expect most of the art to willy-nilly change colors except to reach a “natural balance,” however that is defined once the MOC part is finished.

Actually, a question about the Hagah art portion: will it be starting as soon as the voting for the MOCs ends, or will there be a brief intermission for 810NICLE Day?

I have heard that “Eljay Says the F-Word” may be connected to the Hagah results, but it’s unlikely to me. That’s probably something different. I think the results will be announced either just before or just after 810.

On the topic of colour schemes,

I don’t think that this is a good idea.
This might be a hot take, but monochrome colour schemes are ugly and it’s impossible to make one look good. Like, you gotta use at least one additional colour unless you want the character to look bland and boring.

Moreover, a character with such colour scheme would stand out too much, because there are no other monochrome beings in the Bionicle universe… well, besides Tren Krom, because he’s a big piece of meat… and probably jerbraz, because he’s invisible and doesn’t have any colours.

As for me, I’ve always imagined Tuyet as being metru blue and gunmetal (or black), with magenta or pink eyes and heartlight.

Staying on the topic of Tuyet, people have been talking about tuyet’s sword recently, so I’ve come up with a sword design for my potential contest entry:

I might flesh it out more if I actually get to building Tuyet herself


if i had that back blade i would totally steal that deign

Hey, that’s subjective. I think it can be executed well. Like, check out Firedracax. Or, shameless plug, my weird grey Toa.


I agree that a monotone color scheme isn’t necessarily bad, but Firedracax has two different colors on em

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Okay, he’s mostly Mata red. It’s a pretty negligible amount of Metru red.

Its just about half and half.
Either way thats not what monotone means?

:man_shrugging: if you insist