BIONICLE G1 Canon Contests Discussion & Questions

I am on final stages of my Artakha MOC in studio, so I have 2 questions (sorry if asked):
1 Is it already decided that next canonization contest will be about Artakha? I just saw somwhere that there will be voting or something…
2 It is said on BS01that Artakha is grey and green, but may be there are some specifications on those colors, like “dark green”? Or maybe there is an another Artakha’s appearance-featured (Maybe Greg said something somwhere) info? That question is more to the comunity than to TTV cast.

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Artakha is apparently sand-green, because for some reason previous canonisations really liked to choose colours that are hard to work with for characters that fans might actually want to build,


Just wanted to voice my support for this change.

A quick question though - would a new user be able to easily find the submission threads for the contest entries and easily see which are the finalists, given they can’t view the poll at that point?

Since there are six entry threads that hopefully everyone views before voting, that would cover most of the required threads for the trust level, if they can find them.

I also wanted to make the observation that these contests have always been advertised as allowing the community to submit a design to Greg. I would not consider non-fans sent here to brigade by offer of rewards members of the community.

(To correct the comparison some posts made to electoral politics, directly bribing someone to vote a certain way like this is also illegal in most political systems.)

I would add that if one person is bribing votes in such a blatant way that it was spotted, it is likely that many more people are doing the same thing more covertly.


As every new contest starts, we’ll make it fairly obvious where to go to vote and how to get there. Additionally, anyone that signs up will be given a message notifying them that they need to reach Trust Level 1 if they wish to partake in voting.


I believe the Artakha contest should be delayed and something else less important like Varian or Zaria should be done first: this whole Hoseryx thing might have make us ignore other potential issues (like, in my opinion, a system where polls are too big and there aren’t enough rounds) and I fear the second contest could reveal secondary problems we aren’t considering right now.


The community will get to vote on which contest is next during our three week break.


realizes I might not have the half a year I thought I would to build Tuyet

Procrastination starts to panic


Reading through all this discourse, I’m just wondering… are there not enough cool Mocs on this site for a potential Bionicle fan to spend 30 mins looking through? Or even, all the Helryx Mocs themselves; surely a new user could reach level 1 just by reading the rules and then looking through the Helryx designs being voted on. It seems like an ideal scenario if they go into the vote with a good understanding of the differences in models…
(Actually, on that note, maybe the list of entries could be listed somewhere separate from the vote topic so new members could look through them before being able to vote? Could even just be copy-pasted from the top of the vote topic :thinking:)


I think the golden skinned being is a better example of a less relevant character, although Varian works fine. Zaria and Orde still don’t have their masks, which makes them more relevant in regard to canonizations but that part will be ignored iirc, thereby leaving their masks unknown.

The first contest is the guinea pig and the golden skinned being would have been a good testing ground, especially since there’s a lot of liberties you can take with the design. It would be easier to shrug off any shortcomings and adjust things accordingly to benefit the contests of more relevant characters such as Artakha. Plus, the golden skinned being isn’t a popular character in Bionicle and for good reason.

Towering 12 feet high, with gleaming golden skin, powerful muscles, and piercing green eyes, it regarded the assembled Skakdi with the benevolent gaze of a creator. Only the vaguely reptilian cast of its face took away from its stunning appearance.

The newcomer was twelve feet tall, with golden skin and rippling muscles. Its eyes and face were vaguely reptilian, and it looked at Annona through the narrow slits of those eyes.

EDIT: Regardless, the community will decide who the next contest should be on. I think this will be more representative of the community than a list of characters that might not represent what the community envisions. I’m quite interested in a Kabrua contest. At the end of the day we’re talking about toys here. No one should get riled up by it.


For the Hagah contest will we be able to enter individual entries or the whole team to qualify. For example I have built Kualis whom I hope to enter but I have not built any of the other Hagah. Will I still be able to enter?

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Regarding non-FPTP voting and technical limitations, I want to propose an idea that might seem extreme, but I figure might be worth suggesting nonetheless in case it inspires some less-extreme ideas. :stuck_out_tongue:

It might be possible to host a poll externally in a way that still makes account vetting possible. The poll would just need to take two inputs:

  1. The user’s vote
  2. A unique code assigned to the user.

Only votes with a valid code would be accepted. Codes would be private messaged to users on the boards; if you’re manually vetting each account anyway, this might not be too great of an increase in workload. Plus, giving the user a code would be a one-time thing, since I see no reason why a user cannot reuse the same code across the multiple different polls.

This would also, hypothetically, allow people to vote in the poll without signing up to TTV, though I suppose this sort of depends on the criteria TTV is currently using to vet accounts. For example, if it’s just email addresses, then a form could be set up for people to submit their email address and get a code in response, or codes could be circumvented entirely if you use a service that (1) requires email addresses and (2) records each vote and email-address pair. If more than that is required, a partnership with sites like bzp could be enacted so that users could get their code PMed there instead. More collaboration would be needed for the vetting, and I’m not sure how realistic that is without knowing the vetting criteria, but it might help curb some of the anti-TTV animosity that is a factor in this particular contest.


Since it got completely buried in the poll thread, I thought I’d ask my question here in hopes of an official reply:

A guy I’m chatting with is convinced that Greg is going to be shown the top 3 entries, rather than just the winner. Is this the case? Because this is the first I’ve heard of it.


I am still researching for ranked voting systems, but one of the first search results on google is, which does allow for ranked voting. I will update later when/if I have found more

EDIT: updated list
Here are some more websites

In addition, this website (Had to edit this link so it didn’t embed. Thank you for these! -Eljay)

Has some more info and links about how to do these online


So, when does the voting end? I can’t tell since the topic was closed.


That means that the voting has ended.

i was so wrong about this

The voting is still ongoing, if you guys read Eljay’s last post.


It should end at around 11:58 PM CDT, July 4th, since that’s exactly three days after the topic was made.


Darn. Well, at least we’re still winning.

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Don’t count your chickens until they hatched.


I see your point but if the serials continued marendar would have been a big part of the story based on his purpose. So either way we were and are going to get appearances for him.

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