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Fair, I suppose


alright, noted. I’ll stay tuned.

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Does it actually flash back? It mentions that “[t]he battle had begun only moments before”, but I don’t think it actually meant to take the action back to the start of the battle. When I read that chapter of Reign Of Shadows, it seems linear.


I took it as a flashback because of how it explains their motivations behind fighting, and then describes Miserix’s thoughts just before or as the battle starts, and then leads immediately into the battle.

Also, to echo what Jerm said, there’s a pretty clear progression with Tuyet in that fight. She swipes at Helryx, Helryx kicks her, she staggers back toward Axonn and Brutaka, nearly gets hit by Brutaka, and swipes Axonn’s axe.

By the way: no one ever talks about how impressive it is that Tuyet is strong enough to snatch Axonn’s axe. The Nui Stone doesn’t enhance physical strength, Tuyet’s just that strong.


Alright, update time.

As everyone is hopefully aware, we try not to inquire with Greg where we can help it as to not exhaust him with minute details and college-style essays. We’ve discussed this a bit in this post, which I highly encourage everyone read before continuing this one.

That said, we realize the arguments presented here for and against the inclusion of the weapon for Tuyet are equally balanced and very fair, for a variety of reasons. We felt it was necessary to reach out and see if Greg could weigh in. We worded the question simply, as to cut to the chase.

We additionally asked about any potential weapons carried by the Toa featured in The Yesterday Quest, so we didn’t need to worry about this bout of argumentation again when we get to that point.

Here is our email, and his response:


With this in mind, and after keeping close tabs on the discussion and arguments put forth, we’re moving forward with the following decisions:

  • Tuyet MOCs and Art will be mandated to feature the Barbed Broadsword. We realize it was not specified in the email, but there is no other sword being discussed nor featured. It will be the Barbed Broadsword.

  • The Nui Stone will be optional for MOCs, mandated for art. It is an important part of Tuyet’s character and role in the story, and wouldn’t make sense to exclude.

  • The weapons specified in the email will be mandated for the MOCs and art of The Yesterday Quest Toa. We are opting against defining the difference between staff and spear for Zaria and Chiara, as right now we feel it’s best to leave it up to entrants and voters to determine, especially with how nebulous terms like that tend to be in the BIONICLE universe. We did define it for the Hagah, but that was done as we had clear examples as what those were meant to be.

We hope this all makes sense and is reasonable. We’re still open to discussion, feedback, and arguments for/against the items addressed. There are a few more details to work out before we start.

Please continue to keep the discussion and debates respectful and cordial. Thank you.


Awesome! I’m glad we have explicit confirmation. Incidentally, both of the oldest known Toa wield maces.


oooh yes
So it has been confirmed she wields a sword, and the other Toa’s weapons as well?
Sounds good to me.


There’s hard proof.

I’d honestly have been okay if the hard proof was Greg throwing a curveball and saying “Nah, Tuyet carried daggers”, but this is the hard proof, and it’s hard canon now.

Glad we’ve dodged a lot of future debate, this is legit a nice outcome.

So, final Tuyet requirements would be:
1: Blue
2: Toa-shaped
3: New mask
4: Sword
5: Nui stone for art

Or am i missing something…?


Greg coming to destroy all of your mocs


mine has a sword anyway

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pain, utter pain.

Looks like I’m modifying all my MOCs



that takes care of that


It’s not that bad, all you have to do is change the weapons
(As opposed to, say, the entire moc.)


Nothing personal against TTV, but I don’t feel that there’s a need to address Bionicle content that was never addressed/likely never will be addressed by Greg (I.e. the TYQ Toa’s weapons). While technically “adding” to the canon, it’s unnecessary and limiting to future entry creativity for fans themselves to add to the canon.


Seriously? You mean I have to rework my Chiara moc, which had a unique weapon heavily integrated into the arm build? This is ridiculous, absurd, to allow new details to influence the contests now…

…yes, I’m joking. I half expected you guys to ask about their weapons anyway. Side note, do you plan to ask about the masks for Zaria and Orde? I don’t mind either way, I’m just curious.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting him to say yes just like that, or I would have asked him myself back when you first mentioned it as a possibility.


The Tuyet thing was… unfortunately necessary. No-Sword Gang has been arguing beyond the point of sanity for the freedom to… not include the sword and thus absolutely lose votes for themselves, because there was no way we weren’t going to vote for an entry with the sword. It was basically already canon, getting that affirmed probably needed to happen to save everyone involved a lot more trouble.

But… Can I ask why it was necessary to get locked-in weapons for the Yesterday Crew? Are we so devoid of ability to decide things for ourselves that we couldn’t just go “Yeah just give them whatever you think works” and instead had to ask for Fandom Dad to define it for us? Was it going to cause that many arguments?

I feel like what the fans came up with for the trio- Chiara having claws, Orde having a thrown weapon, and Zaria having something heavy- suited them significantly more than this, but nope, the fandom had to have a concrete answer and hey, surprise, it’s another “Greg made it up on the spot because he’s probably never thought about it before.”

That “Don’t make fun of us Bionicle fans, we’re determined to ruin the ambiguity that made the series so great” meme is never going to stop being true, is it?

Completely unnecessary.


I would say one of the most likely answers he could have given was honestly “I hadn’t decided yet”, which would have 100% confirmed we had complete freedom to choose whatever weapon. It was a worthwhile question to ask, and while I’m surprised by his answer, I’m glad we have a definitive one.


Speaking personally here, I feel as though you answered your question in your first paragraph.

Not at this time, no. We know they have masks, we did not know about any weapons.

For anyone wondering, the tone and language used by @BannyVader would be considered a violation of Rule #0. I hope everyone can understand why,


Honestly, the fact that he did give a definitive answer to the TYQ Toa weapons, rather than saying “give them whatever you want” or even a vague answer like “Chiara probably has some sort of cutting tool” shows that he does have some vision for these characters, so I feel it is good to respect that.

At the end of the day, these are his characters; he’s simply allowing us to portray them. It’s good for us to decide as much as we can, but it’s also good for us to respect what details he has decided upon.