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No he isn’t.
Nidhiki wears a Volitak-shaped Volitak that is shaped like Mazeka’s Volitak which is a standard Volitak-shaped Volitak. End of story. That’s the canon, why can’t you people just simply deal with it. Jesus Christ.


I already explained myself several times in this thread, but will do it again. According to canon the Mahri are mutants, meaning that their entire appearance - including their masks - is unique to them. That was established before the Volitak questions, meaning that by rule of precedent it supersedes his questions - since it is him who wrote it like that in the first sodding place.
Mazeka’s mask is non-diegetic, similar to Jovan, Tobduk and Krakua, characters who due to a lack of parts had to wear masks that were normally not worn by them in canon.
End of my story and I’ll stand by it.

Yes and their masks are unique by having breathing tubes attached to them.


The tubes are the only mutations to their masks. This is stated by Greg and not contradicted. You can keep pretending that he said otherwise, but that doesn’t change canon.


No, they are unique by the fact that they are mutant masks created in unique circumstances by the Ignika. That was canon well before any question relating to the Volitak and I take that as rule because of rule of precedent.
Which does not yet mean that I don’t want Nidihiki to wear a Volitak.
Just don’t pretend Nuparu’s is a standard one.

Yes. They were created in unique cirtumstances in a shape of standard masks adapted to the underwater environment by having breathing tubes attached to them. There is nothing contradicting that, so the rule of precedent literally has no use here.

I don’t have to pretend, because it is. As confirmed by the existence of Jovan’s model and Greg’s own words later on.

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Which doesn’t work since he’s a combo-mode and the Inika also have unique masks - well-established by canon - because of their organic nature.

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The fact that they were made under unique circumstances does not automatically mean that they’re masks are unique shapes.

I would agree That could be the case… If not for the fact that Greg has said multiple times that it isn’t.


The only unique thing about them is that they’re made out of organic material - their shape is the same as standard ones (which was also confirmed by Greg).

He said in so far he knows.
So, guess he doesn’t. :slight_smile:

I never said anything to the contrary, lol.

Thank you for your time addressing my words. I very much appreciate everything you said here, and I’m glad ya’ll are going to work on a way to make the qualification process more streamline and I appreciate the courtesy offered.

I never asked for entrants to be babysat, I’m sorry if that’s something I somehow conveyed. And I apologize for misunderstanding, perhaps I read wrong when I thought people were given 3 days, or misremembered. It’s been a long month.


Then why did you bring Nuparu’s mask up in the first place? Implying it isn’t the mask’s standard shape? Which it is?


He hasn’t said “as far as I know.” He said yes.


Because, imho, it isn’t. And 2007 canon - that was written by Greg before he made up a bunch of answers to explain one stupid set created to get rid of excess pieces - fully supports me in that.
And I will adhere to that, lol.

He said in as far as I know relating to all Mahri masks.

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It really doesn’t though.

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Greg’s later statement doesn’t contradict the 2007 canon.

The 2007 canon states that Nuparu Mahri’s mask is unique. It does not specify what makes it unique.

Then, Greg later said that except for the tube, Nuparu’s mask is in the standard shape.

So the tube is what makes it unique. The rest of it is standard. There is no contradiction here.


To be absolutely fair here, if you check the link, he’s responding to an either/or question with a simple “yes”. However, when he gives a single answer to a two part question, he’s generally responding to just the first part. It also makes more sense with the context of his other answers than the alternative.

No single answer of his is definitive, I agree. But taking all of them together, it provides a clear answer. Each questionable aspect of one of the answers is addressed by another of the answers.

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When you can point me to a specific line from any book, comic, Greg discussion, story serial, etc. Saying that the mahri’s masks are not the default shape, I’ll gladly agree with you. Until then, you are entitled to your wrong opinion.

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I found another one:

  1. Would a normal Kanohi Tryna (or any of the Toa Mahri’s masks) look the same just without the tubes?
  1. Yes, probably

Another one:

  1. Is the Kanohi Garai that Hewkii Mahri wears in normal Garai form, or did the Ignika stylize it?
  1. None of the Mahri masks are really normal, because they all have tubes coming out of them, for one thing

I think it’s a lot less definitive than you’re making it out to be.

He says they’re the same shape, except Nuparu’s has “tube’s attached, etc.” Note the etc. – that could account for the breathing apparatus.

He says they’re the default shape “as far as I know”, but default shape doesn’t mean no attachments. The tubes and visors are attachments. The breathing apparatus could simply be an attachment that is part of the mold. In fact, we’ve seen this before, with Nuju’s Matatu.

He says Mazeka’s mask was not given a breathing apparatus. That doesn’t mean that he has that part on his mask; it could just be a set innacuraccy.

If an artist draws Nidhiki’s volitak with or without the breathing apparatus, then this still fits with canon. Similarly, if someone gives, say, Orde or Zaria an Arthron without the cheek tubes, a Tryna or a Zatth without the tube holes.

If, however, someone draws Nidhiki’s volitak shaped like a Kualsi, or anything else, that doesn’t fit with canon.