BIONICLE G1 Canon Contests Discussion & Questions

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Just to make it easier for everyone.

I’m not sure if it was discussed earlier, but do ‘bad faith’ entries/topics induce a warning on the user that made them?

Say, for example, I followed my first inclination and broke as many rules as I could with a piece of art, with no intentions of it being considered as a serious entry, would I get a warning? Would the situation be different if I pretended it was an entry but never added it to the submission thread? (Which, I would not have done if my goal was to break as many rules as possible.)


Just one last question. Is the artwork required to be based on the winner or is it again up to interpretation?

if it wasn’t, why did we have a MOC contest? :thinking:
Double’s MOC is the basis for the art contest, with the mask as the main point of variance. However, you don’t have to make an exact representation of the MOC depending on the art style you’re going for.


So since I have no artistic talents, I’ma throw out my idea for anybody looking for inspiration for the mask portions of the Helryx, Artakha, and/or Tuyet contests, and if you wanna roll with it go for it:

I think there need to be more wide Kanohi. What do I mean by wide? Something along the lines of the Olmak, or the Garai, or Avak’s face, that stretch out further than an average Kanohi. We have plenty of Kanohi that are pretty straight and narrow, that line up well within a box. So I want to see something different, something that could fit within a rectangle or an oval. Why? Just to get some visual variety going on. Obviously though that’s only my thoughts on it, so if you wanna do something different go for it!


Dear TTV,

Now that the winning Helryx MOC made by TheUnderscoredDouble has been selected, when will the Helryx mask art contest entry period start and finish?

Thank you in anticipation.

I know it’s a long time until the contest for lariska but I was wondering what will happen in her case, will she have a mask or not and if so will there be a seperate contest for the head design?

Lariska doesn’t wear a mask

Iirc it is true that canonically she does not wear a mask, though she has the ability to wear one. Given that, I personally think her head design should be whatever the MOCist feels like designing, because head shape doesn’t actually seem to matter much for ability to wear Kanohi in-lore (for example, Vortixx are also able to wear Kanohi though they can’t in-set).


What about the pre-mutated Barraki?


What about ‘em?

Adding to this, the fact that we haven’t been explicitly told she wears a Kanohi doesn’t prevent her from canonically wearing one, should the winning entry say as much.

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While that’s fair, it would be determined by how close one wanted to stick to canon material and how one interpreted that material.
BS01 states that “although she is able to wear and use Kanohi like the rest of her species, she chooses not to do so,” based off a quote from Legacy of Evil where Hakann muses that she’d “look lousy in a mask and she knows it” (weird quote, makes a tiny bit more sense in context :stuck_out_tongue: ).
I guess it’s open to differing perspectives, but to me this suggests that she is not in a practice of regularly wearing a Kanohi, at least during the time that Hakann had known her, and that possibly (though this might be reading into it too much), that she is actively contemptuous towards the idea of wearing a Kanohi.
So while I’ll concede that she could be portrayed as wearing a Kanohi, I’d argue that this would not be accurate to her appearances in-story, in the same way that the rules for the Helryx contest specified that it was not to determine the first Toa “in her prime”.


Hard-to-answer question (sorry if already asked): how much MOC can be altered on a drawing? I do not see any rules regarding that :(. Like will it be ok if (I am about Helryx) move those tubes from “chin” to face sides? Or move shield from fist to elbow? Or change Mata-like fist on a Glatorian-like one?


Glad to see things improving :slight_smile:

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Is there a list of entries for the art contest, like there was for the MOC contest?
I feel like a lot of people still don’t know that the art contest had begun.
Perhaps a separate topic should be made so people notice it.


It might sound too creatively stifling, but I think you should also have a rule that entries have to resemble the descriptions, rather than should. Descriptions are up to interpretations, but I do believe that a lot of entries in the last contest did not focus much on them, opting instead to create the most buff and powerful-looking MOC they were able to make. Of course, as voters we can decide what to vote for, and I do think most votes would go to the ones that are most accurate to said descriptions. But it’s just something to think about. Not saying you should disqualify anything that doesn’t seem to remote resemble the descriptions, unless you believe the creation is made in bad faith. I just think it would make the guidelines more concise and clear-sounding.


So does this does mean that I need to make front/back/breakdown images of Double’s MoC for the art contest, including my rendition of the Mask of Psychometry?

@cast @Eljay


How long do we have to enter for the art contest?


I have one more question (again), sorry if already asked: If a model wields a placeholder mask should it be legally connected to a model? I just wanted to use glatorian helmets on bionicle heads while still keeping the eye piece. like it is just a piece that would be removed/redesigned in art contest, so I think it is not really important on how to connect it. Or it would be beter to correct the piece in part designer so it will fall under custom pieces? Also, does link to part designer file count as “link to the free source for the piece”? Thanks.