Bionicle G2 Alternate Universe

So recently I’ve made some creations for a G2 Alternate Universe. I won’t say what it is, but I can show you the MOCs I’ve made for the Toa and Elders:








Hope you like :grin:.


Lewa, you buffoon, that’s not how you hold a sword!

Anyway, there are a number of details I find really odd, but I can’t put my finger on most of them. Other than those, these look like pretty satisfactory mixes of G1 and G2; though I can’t tell what weapon Gali’s supposed to have there, and I find it odd that Onua should have a sword.

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‘Whatever Dad, You don’t understand my style!’

Thank you very much :grin:. My idea was that exactly, combining the looks of the originals while having some new details to them. Gali’s weapon is kind of meant to be a Hook/Axe hybrid, but it looks more like a Staff to me when I look at it. As for Onua, I wanted to give him more of a Samurai kind of feel, as I find that it fits his Calm and Wise personality. Combined with his Claws and brute Strength, He definitely achives what I had in mind.

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These look nice.

Thank you very much :grinning:.

Maybe it also doubles as a poleaxe…?

Well, I wanted it to be more like a hook, but that works too :slight_smile:.

Tahu: for what it’s worth I think it’s pretty good as a redo of the 2015 one.
Pohatu: I like him, but he’s too similar to the 2015 one.
Lewa: Doesn’t know how to hold his swords properly.
Gali: Colors seem a bit too weird because their just alternates of blue, I like the weapon though. What’s the purpose of that little piece of the back of the blade?
Onua: Very good but the ankle armor could be something better
Kopaka: From what is visible I like him.
Elders: These guys should’ve been the leaders of the village, not the Protectors. The Protectors could be like the Ta-Koro Guard or the Le-Koro Defense Team. Hopefully they would have better role in the story too unlike the Protectors few moments of fame.

Thank you very much :grin:.
I understand what you mean about Pohatu’s design, I wanted to give hime a bit more of a hunter looking design, for example; the white on his right arm was meant to be a Rahi skull.
Lewa’s swords are purposefully in that position because I wanted to do something different with the swords.
I had a problem with Gali’s colours due to there never being a consistent shade of Blue in CCBS, but I think it suits her more than the others :slight_smile:.
I may update Onua in the future, my main objective was to have long, bulky legs to fit his stature.
Thank you very much :grin:.
That’s a way more awesome idea. I wanted these guys to have a much more simpler build, which I think I’ve achieved. G2 was unfortunately a wasted opportunity in my mind :expressionless:.