Bionicle G2 Cancellation Theory

New Theory

Old Theory didn’t make any sense.I have new theory.I think that G2 was cancelled because because it couldn’t continue for much longer,and LEGO wanted to save BIONICLE.

They want to return to BIONICLE after some time,and so they ended G2,because if G2 continued,shops wouldn’t want to sell Bionicle.I think that there will be G3 in 2026 or sooner.

Does this make more sense than old theory?


G2 Bionicle was cancelled prematurely,even though it was selling well.Here is my theory why.

I think that G3 is planned for long time,and that G2’s purpose is to discover if LEGO fans would like return of bionicle.Because G2 sold well,and most fans even if they don’t like G2,like idea of bionicle returning,G2 was cancelled,and G3 is coming soon.

Does this make sense?

I can see them using G2 as a test to gather interest, however at the same time, they didnt market G2 at all - and i feel they would have in order to get a better sense of the potential audience that the theme could have. Otherwise they are just shoving out a theme without marketting which means only the most die-hard fans would find a majority of its media and buy the toys.


I don’t think G2 was a test for G3, because that would seem kind of silly. Canceling a theme and then bringing it back soon after because it did well makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Also, to add on to Scar’s point, the reason Lego had little advertising for Bionicle was because their overall demand was becoming greater than their supply. This meant that Lego had to make the decision to decrease marketing for all their themes just so they could even things out.

Here’s an article about it if you want more information:


No, it doesn’t



That seems like a waste of precious time and money. My money.


No not really


Not in the slightest.

G3 is highly improbable within the next few years, not to mention at all. You’re allowed to be hopeful, but I recommend keeping a degree of realism about this.

If G2 was a test, why cancel it early?

Honestly, this theory doesn’t make sense at all. Lego wouldn’t just cancel Bionicle G2 to bring Bionicle back AGAIN. And if G2 was a test, they would have had all 3 years be completed. G2 was liked, but it was cancelled because of sales, and it wasn’t exactly what everyone was hoping for. So G3 will possibly happen in a few years, but most likely not.

TL;DR, No, this doesn’t make sense.

I could see a G3 happening

but not for like, another 5+ years

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Ha they already don’t want to sell bionicle, the only thing that can save constraction as a whole is starwars and I honestly don’t think thats happening.

Lego only wanted to save Bionicle because they thought it would make them money. Lego is just like every other big name company, as they will try out stuff to make them said money. Now that being said, G2 was a huge flop sale wise, and because of that I can assure you there will be no Bionicle G3.

But you’re forgetting that G1 was essentially the same way. Even though G1 sales were still high, they were on a decline. So would stores really want to carry a theme from Lego that was failed not only once but twice?

Not to mention the target audience Bionicle appeals to is very small compared to other themes like Star Wars, Ninjago, etc.

So no, while I’m not completely against a G3, I don’t see it happening in the slightest.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

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This is what they did for G1, when the community actually cared about G1.

No matter what I think of G2, a much lesser amount of the Bionicle and general Lego community cared about G2 than G1, and as such fewer people purchased it. Why would they waste money making a 3rd iteration after the second failed tremendously?


If G3 ever becomes a thing, it has to happen after a longer period of time, long enough for the old fans to have kids that are the same age as they were when they were introduced to the line for the first time, and most importantly it needs to well thought out (detailed, and deep thematic core, and keeping with the latest kids trends).

Cause its pretty apparent that one of G2s failures was its didnt establish its core thematics even before the start of the theme, it just kinda tried to copy what G1 did in its first years or so.