Bionicle G2 continuation PT 4

Gali wakes in a fright. She scans the surrounding area. She is in a cage, surrounded by multiple other cages. In those cages are unfortunate villagers, trapped by the same being that trapped her. “where am I? “ she asks. “Silence!” Shouts a guard. She didn’t notice the plethora of guards watching the cages. She notices that the lock on her door is a primitive design, easy to pick. She makes note of this and begins to meditate in her cell.

The four remaining brothers arrive at the base the Makuta’s lair. They quickly hide to avoid being spotted by patrol guards. “This place is locked up tight. How do we possibly expect the four of us to break in, rescue Gali, fix Pohatu, and defeat Makuta?” asks Lewa. “We do what we do best.” Says Onua. “Use our elements to smash stuff.” Onua uses his elemental abilities to lift a massive rock and throw it at the front door. It breaks, but it also alerts the guards to their presence. Each guard is equipped with a high velocity rapid fire crossbow, and they start firing on the Toa. Tahu uses his Hau to shield the group from the fire. As soon as he drops it Lewa and Kopaka combine their powers to blow a strong gust of cold air, freezing the guards.

The Toa walk up to what used to be the door. Suddenly, a shadow appears on the ground. They stop and watch in horror as Vortox appears from within the shadow. “Thought you could get rid of me that easy eh?” he says. “Well guess what! I’m not so easily defeated.” He lunged at the Toa. They all dodge him and draw their weapons. “Well, encasing him in glass ain’t gonna work!” says Tahu. “What should we do this time.” kopaka narrowly dodges a hit from Vortox’s shadow blade. Onua then charges forward, raising his weapon to strike. When suddenly the shadow sword is plunged into his lower right shoulder. He let’s out a painful cry as Vortox twists the blade. Pulling off his arm. Now, vortox stands over a wounded Onua, prepare to deliver the final strike.

Gali sits in her cell. Everything is quiet except for the sound of dripping water. She hears this and immediately finds its source. She then controls this water to pick the lock without moving a servo. A small click is heard signaling that her lock has been opened. She then slowly begins to open the door with that same water. As she is doing this, she used some of that water to knock out the guards. Once they are all taken care of, she stands up, and walks out of her cell. She then proceeds to free the others and guide them to safety. They walk through a series of doors till they are lead outside. She leads them down what looks like a ramp, but then she realizes it’s debris. She peers over to see Vortox over Onua. So she jumps off the ledge and slams into Vortox, knocking him off Onua. Lewa quickly grabs Onua and flies him to safety. “Boy you’re heavy”. He says. Once Onua is safe, the remaining Toa strike. All at once. But they are no match for the might of Vortox. “again, this isn’t working.” yells Tahu. “I have an idea” yells Kopaka. “Gali! Throw water at him and I’ll freeze it”. Gali complies and together they freeze Vortox. Once frozen, Tahu picks up Onua’s hammer and smashed the ice into billions of pieces. “hopefully he stays down” he remarks.

The Toa regroup at Onua’s position and reattach his arm. Once Onua is all healed, they walk inside. And inside they immediately see Pohatu’s head. Although it was on some strangely high pedestal. And at the base of it sat a throne. To which the Makuta was sitting. She looked like Roodaka, but with more bulk and a lot bigger. “God you’re weird looking.” says Kopaka. She sneers at him and throws a ball of energy at his head, to which he narrowly escapes. Tahu immediately throws up up a shield and the Toa plan their attack.

“We should do an all round assault” says Gali. “ with a dive bomb from Lewa, he could sneak in from above.” “Or we could charge at her. She won’t expect the obvious” says Tahu. “too risky” says Kopaka. “Well you gotta think of something, I can’t hold this shield up for much longer.” the Toa decide on Gali’s plan. And they get into position.

Makuta is still sitting in her chair, she hasn’t spotted the Toa yet. All at once they charge at her. She immediately stands up and shoves her hands out. A massive shockwave is expelled from her body and knocks all the Toa back. They all get up and try attacking on their own, and of course, Tahu goes first. He charges at her with his staff on fire, but she easily grabs him by the neck and tosses him aside. Gali tries a different approach by shooting her with water. Instead the Makuta turns it against her. Onua sent a plethora of rocks at her as a distraction, but she sees right through it and knocks him aside. Lewa tries to attack from above, but she just shoots him out of the sky with another controlled shockwave. Finally, kopaka tries to freeze her but his ice just melts as soon as it hits her. And she swats him aside.

“This isn’t working.” cries Tahu. “You think” yells kopaka. As they get back up, Makuta starts changing. Growing bigger and bigger. So the Toa try their combination. Onua and Lewa becoming legs, Gali becoming the left arm and Kopaka and Tahu becoming the torso and head. They charge at each other and the Toa are easily overpowered because of their missing limb. Suddenly, Pohatu’s mask starts to shake. And it lights up and flies off the pedestal and out if the building. “ So your compatriot decided to leave.” Says the Makuta. “No matter. I will kill you all anyways.” When suddenly she is knocked back by a massive boulder.

Suddenly, Pohatu stands at the doorway, reverted back to his Mata form. He runs as fast as his mask will let him towards the Makuta. “I see I didn’t finish draining your upgrades, but I can still kill you”. She says. She swings a backhand at Pohatu, who easily dodges it and kicks her right in the face. Sending her mask flying off her face. Onua then steps on it, crushing her mask and putting her in sleep mode. “What happened to you?” asked Lewa. “She stole my upgrades to power herself. Luckily, I still have my Mata form.” says Pohatu. The Toa all gather in a circle around the dormant Makuta and send her to the shadow realm. Thus sending themselves back up to Spherus Magna.

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