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I’m glad too, but that’s because I trust LEGO infinitely more than their fans. And what do you mean by bringing back old themes? I think bringing back old themes is a perfectly acceptable way to gain income, because it’s not like each theme is an exclusive club. New fans can come in, too. Now, I’m not saying “bring everything back!,” but I’m not saying that such an act isn’t going to make any money.

Because there are legitimately people who love the theme and would love to see it back. Just because the second try didn’t work as well as they hoped doesn’t mean it’s ruined forever. Believing so isn’t just pessimism; it’s depressing hopelessness.


Then I like to be ‘depressingly hopeless’ it failed the second time, let lego do their own themes now, just imagine it, when are you guys going to stop? G3? G4? G5? G6? From the 310N topic, it looks like there are people who will hype up Fabre breathing as a leak confirmed

I enjoyed Bionicle but it’s gone, for good, let it die

Are you saying that if Bionicle came back, and it was amazing, you’d still dislike it?

I’m saying Bionicle isn’t coming back!

But this is a hypothetical situation. Anything can happen in a theory.

But this isn’t a theory anymore! It’s people hyping over minor things

I’m not referring to 3ION or anything anymore, I just gave you a hypothetical alternate universe where G3 existed and was genuinely good. In this alternate universe would you be happy or upset? I’m trying to understand your opinion.


People didn’t really expect a CCBS-centered bionicle theme.
It sold less than expected, yes, but it was, and still is, relatively popular.

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Actually Nexo Knights began in 2016, not 2015

And miss out on all those cool sets and their cool parts? No thanks.[quote=“TheOnlyGuyWhoLikesMistika, post:248, topic:31906”]
The theme sold horrifically,

There isn’t any confirmation of that. LEGO themselves stated that it sold average, not bad. Weather they lied or not is a controversial topic, but all we can do is take their word and believe the facts they gave us.

Nexo Knights sold well. Not brilliantly, but well, and it was popular among young kids. The theme brought the sales LEGO wanted, but not enough to extend it further than it’s original planned run. So there is no reason to believe Nexo Knighs sold badly.

I can’t agree more. Just think about all those short lived 6 sets lines. Is there evidence to suggest they sold badly? No. Yet despite their limited run, everyone loves them. People keep calling Hidden Side a “Monster Fighters reboot” although that line only had one wave. [quote=“TheOnlyGuyWhoLikesMistika, post:260, topic:31906”]
I’m glad people here don’t work for Lego either, otherwise they’d lose all their money bringing back old themes

Is there anything inherently wrong with that? Who said that would lose money? I mean yeah sure, you must balance the old stuff with the new stuff, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring a theme back in some capacity, at least once in a while.

If you don’t want Bionicle to come back, that’s your business. Let the people who want so to enjoy anything that might hint to it’s return, even if it won’t necessarily happen.


Aside from stray threads of apparent rampant toxicity about the topic, I think the main reason people hated G2 is because it wasn’t a ten-year-long story-heavy expedition into adventures beyond description and lore so deep you could drown the Skyrim wikipedia in it.

And that’s really, really petty.

You have to understand that ten years is a good while. You don’t condense the work of a decade into a year and a half. Let’s compare the first two years of G1 with the entire run of G2 to make this a little more fair.

G1’s Plot: Six heroes arrive on the island of Mata Nui from an ancient prophecy. Meeting up, they join forces to take on the minions of the evil Makuta, who wants to establish his rule through the misery of the inhabitants of the island. They defeat the source of his minions, which is Makuta himself, before facing an unstoppable threat in the form of the Bohrok. barely overcoming this new foe, they become Toa Nuva, even stronger than before.

G2’s Plot: Six heroes arrive on the island of Okoto from an ancient prophecy. Meeting up, they join forces to take on the minions of the evil Makuta, who wants to establish his rule by finding some way to return to the island. They defeat the source of his minions, which is Kulta, the Skull Grinder, before facing an intimidating emissary from Makuta named Umarak the Hunter. Finding themselves overwhelmed, they take on Umarak’s transformed version at the height of Makuta’s power before sacrificing themselves to seal him away forever.

Now this isn’t so much a fair comparison so instead let’s compare a couple sets from the first year: Lewa and Lewa: Master of Jungle.

Lewa (G1): Off the top of my head the figure comes with 34 pieces? I’m probably wrong but it’s somewhere close. He retailed for $6.99 USD. He has a gear function which swings his right arm, limited poseability, is extremely similar in all aspects to the rest of the Toa in that wave being a near copy of them, and very little in terms of MOCing potential. His primary colours are green and lime green, with some black and light grey thrown in as well.

Lewa, Master of Jungle (G2): He comes with 84 parts, most of which are standard CCBS material. Double that of his ancestor. He retailed for $14.99 USD, nine dollars more than his grandpappy. He has a gear function which swings both his arms, great poseability, a weapon repurposing similar to the Toa Nuva, is rather distinct from his Toa cohorts in that wave, and has a fair bit of potential in MOCing. His primary colours are that newfangled green you kids are all crazy about these days according to LEGO, keetorange, and silver. I don’t know about you, but I know which one I’d be saving my tooth fairy money for.

Now there’s no way anyone could possibly justify G2’s very loosely slapped-together story as being somehow on-par or better than G1’s, even in the first two years. But people don’t seem to want Bionicle, even if the sets are objectively better and reasonably fair with inflation in mind. No, people want a ten-year-long series of epics, preferably piggybacking as much as possible off the original. Think about it: if you hate G2, suppose G1 never happened. Suppose G2 was the first time you heard the word Toa. Would you still hate it as much as now?

Stop comparing G2 to G1. That was never the intent of the line. LEGO did what people asked, they brought Bionicle back, but as an actual LEGO theme, not just a flimsy reason to get Greg Farshtey and Christian Faber writing stories again. G2 wasn’t a bad theme, it was rather good, but the golden pinnacle everyone puts Bionicle G1 up on is so incredibly high that LEGO will never ever be able to reach it in a million years because the fan expectations are far greater than what they could actually achieve or did achieve with G1. I’d go into why G1 isn’t as glorious as you remember it being but that’d not only be really off-topic, it’d make a lot of people really angry, and I’ve been the devil’s advocate here for long enough.

If you skipped straight to the end, hi! how’s your day? also, the summary of the whole post since that’s why you’re here: Bionicle G2 isn’t terrible, and the whole community collectively drove a stake through it because it didn’t satisfy our unrealistic demands. And now we’re asking LEGO to do it again.


Preach. :clap:


Actually, the original Toa Mata sets retailed for 6.99 USD.

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I liked Bionicle G2, if only for the same reasons I liked Transformers G2. The toys were pretty good quality compared to what came before, even if the story was lacking and commercials were iffy.

Now that I think about it, both G2s are the same, and I’m wondering why LEGO repeated the same mistake Transformers had committed long before it…

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Ok, so we all know that G2 didn’t do very well in sales. But if that was the case, why did LEGO officially stated that “it sold well”? Did they just straight up lie to us? Were they telling the truth? I am very confused. Can anyone explain to me why LEGO said what they said?


I understand that you’re angry, but this viewpoint is entirely childish and unfair. People in the world, and certainly people who aren’t in this niche sphere of influence, aren’t responsible for making you a happy camper. I totally understand that energy - I have a similar passion for Treasure Planet, an absolute gem of a film that was completely swept under the rug, for… sketchy reasons at best. But blaming people for not investing their money into a product they didn’t care about/didn’t like for whatever reason is ridiculous.

There are a lot of factors at play here, everything from the timing to the execution and the current state of Lego itself. G1 is, and always has been, lightning in a bottle. I’m sure you’ve heard the story before: Lego was in dire straits, struggling financially, and they needed a big breakout theme to take them back into the big leagues.

Now, how much Bionicle actually contributed to this is up for debate, but one thing is certain: its very existence hinged on Lego being in that vulnerable position. This entire product line was a huge risk for multiple reasons, one that nobody was even sure was going to work, but Lego went through with it because, well, what choice did they have? And so they pulled out all the stops, and it was the smash hit that it was. And that was great.

Compare that to 2015. Lego is positively booming, and they have been for over a decade. Bionicle isn’t their last hope anymore, it’s a business opportunity with a pre-established fanbase that they want to capitalize on. Because of that, they play it much safer, take less risks, maybe don’t invest as much in a budget as they should’ve. And, in turn, whatever the team tasked with creating the line came up with just didn’t click. And… sometimes that’s just how things are.

But, who’s to say I would’ve done any better anyway, or you, or anyone, really. G1 (particularly the golden years) had some huge shoes to fill. Looking back on G2 with our 20/20 vision, there’s a lot of missteps that we could probably course-correct in that situation if we magically had that foresight. But we don’t. And what happened, happened.

also, he’s being sarcastic. I couldn’t bear to let this one sit :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m really sorry. just I guess I’ve become kind of a Madman after G2. it’s been 4 years but I’m still mad both Angry and Insane. I can’t really Handle my anger that well and I usually don’t think before I say things (ok I kind of do but you get the point) also…

wow. good thing he was ban am I right?

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