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Most of them are easy to decipher this one however is a mystery. The right arm has a saw weapon and the left arm has a sword. The only character to have anything close to this would be Ekimu, however his left arm has a saw weapon and his right arm has a hammer. We do see Ekimu’s sword in the 2015 animations, but i doubt this is Ekimu as it looks bulkier and more sinister.

The mask is equally interesting, potentially Witch Doctor’s by the vage outline and the eyes. Could be an early version of Lewa… but feels like an early version of either Umarak, Ekimu or perhaps a different villain all together.


Seems like Kopaka to me.


I’m glad that they had that original Hau that we saw back in 2014 in the book. It means we’ve come full circle now.


We see Kopaka in melum’s pic too, and they’re in the exact same pose just flipped


The stud shooter thing is kinda like the brainstock case… except I was able to remove my Mata head brainstock. What’s up with Tahu in the first picture though? or is it Onua? I can’t tell but whoever it is for some reason they have giant mantis hands and mantis feet for shoulders…

Also I went to Toys R Us to buy a Ninjago set and the Bionicle section actually didn’t have much. Just a Lewa and Gali 2015 and an Akida. Couldn’t take a pic because I didn’t bring my phone with me. Also I found Chima sets from 2013-2015 and TMNT sets there… wow…

It’s probably Onua because the pose of it is exactly the same in the second and fourth pictures, both of which clearly resemble Onua Uniter.

So yeah, I suppose at some point they considered an upgraded version of Onua Master’s shovels.

I don’t know why, but the silhouette of the Pakari in those photos reminds me of Furno’s helmet. And the Kopaka with the green backdrop looks like Hahli Inika with a saw.

Maybe its Kopaka, but its definitely an earlier version if thats the case based more on G1. He has a sword and while he has the arm cannon weapon of Kopaka he aslo has a shield in the form of a saw (Later a gimmick used for Ekimu)


Oh yeah here’s another one that I meant to put in my earlier post:

I think it’s cool they actually used Lhikans swords in the prototype.
Also this is around the same look they had in this preliminary artwork:


Is that Takutanuva’s mask? I’ve never seen that art before. But I wish they did the function of putting the swords together to make a lava board like they did with Lhikan instead of having a random piece sticking out of the bottom of one sword. Other than that I liked them. is that preliminary art supposed to be for a prototype book or something? Where’d it come from?


I kinda wish they kept that symbol in some of the designs…would really drive home the point that Makuta is everywhere, in everything, watching…


Would you mind describing how? I’ve been trying to do that since January of 2015.

See, that would be really practical in battle, contrasted against what he actually got. That said, a combined spear/flail does look more intimidating.

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you need to put something thin between both parts to separate them I only had the nail cutters :stuck_out_tongue: , the step 3 is pushing the yellow thing with something from the back so it comes out


Hey guys, The Dark Portal Episode Summary is back on the BIONICLE website.
In ENGLISH this time!

Kudos to LEGO!

Uh Lego you forgot the ending. The kiddies who watch this will now be waiting for an ending that will not happen.

Also stop updating the website for Mata Nui sakes.

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Netflix probably wants the ending only to be on watchable through their service.

These are probably some of the last things we’ll get from Bionicle.


Great. Awesome. Let’s keep it that way. Thank god they should be out of crap to update the website with by this point.


Yeah so people can go to Netflix and be disappointed beyond their wildest dreams.


Man it really sucks only having the Star Wars buildable figures to look forward to now. I for one liked, and still like, G2 more than G1. So it’s a shame to not be getting any more masks or sets for the G2 system.


I really like these, they give off the same mysterious vibe as G1 did


Did Ekimu ever had a sword? Source or picture??

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