Bionicle G3/Brickonicle Pitch: The Mask of Life

Hello, people of the boards. Over the duration of the Bionicle G3 project, I’ve been mainly silent. However, as I was listening to TTV #248, I had an idea I thought I would share. As far as I know, it does fit in with the current canon that TTV has laid out. From what I can tell, Makuta doesn’t have a motive or means of world dominance. I know the Rahkshi are trying to revive Makuta through the Mask of Time (I think that’s what it is, as of now, the Canon topic isn’t updated), but after he’s revived, how is he going to achieve world dominance, and why does he want it? I’m not gonna actually answer the question of why. I just thought I would evoke it. His mask and powers of control alone aren’t enough to defeat the Toa AND take control of the entire world. Well, what if his goal his is to get a hold of both Ekimu’s and Karzahni’s masks of Creation and Futures, respectively? With all three of their masks together, they can be forged together to create the Mask of Life. This is because it is comprised of the Mask of Creation, representing the beginning of life, The Mask of Control, a representation of life’s choices (that one’s a little bit of a stretch), and the Mask of Futures, representing the end(s) of life. With this mask, Makuta could control the creation (or reanimation) and destruction of life, along with controlling all he creates (maybe everything else living, but that seems a little too overpowered). This would be like a final goal of the Toa: Stop Makuta at all costs from making the Mask of Life, because the moment he does create it, it spells doom for the island. This is just a random thought that i had, though. Thanks!


I really like your idea, but I don’t think the ttv cast will choose this option for one reason. They want to save Karzahni for the “second season” and not be a major player in the first.

However, there is a solution to be found. Karzahni’s mask is not locked away together with Karzahni and is used for his entrapment. When the toa start looking for the mask of possible futures to stop Makuta from getting the mask of life, they remove it from its pedistal. This however triggers a lock that opens Karzahni’s prison to open. He doesn’t immidiately awaken. So the toa have time to rebuild or have some downtime before the start of “season 2”