Bionicle G3 Elements Idea

I’d say the main reason would be that these arguments are developing just way too fast, and everyone wants his or her ideas to be considered and discussed in length (as you have done with mine).


(His) :slight_smile:.

What ideas would you suggest then?

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More contrast in the color schemes, more neutral tones.
Any more specific than that and I’m just telling you to change the colors to what I want.

That’s fine. Again, I’m alright with having different colors for the Toa, Matoran, etc. I just think core colors could be like this, e.g. one toa of lightning could have Yellow and White as their color while another could have Yellow and Blue.

Why orange-brown for plasma? It feels a little off to me. I would suggest purple but magic took that which I feel is better for magic regardless. I do however like air as pink, that’s really genius but I think it would look better if the pink was lighter shades. I like everything else, especially metal. I’ll keep thinking about plasma.

Ek from a few years ago used to be a Toa of Magic, actually. It’s a fun element to work with, in terms of characters.

Most likely because plasma was orange and white in g1.

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I’m just gonna give my thoughts on “Magic” as an element here. Magic isn’t an element. It’s a thematic concept. It is split up into elements in most forms of fiction. If you really want a “generic” type element, force or something. Magic wouldn’t make much sense.

Thank you :grinning:. This was an idea I had a while back, since then I thought about changing it to energy, but like @Payinku said, Plasma was originally Orange and White, I think that Orange looks best on it, but because this is an example, other colors would be used. I think the idea of Pink being a color works really well. I might make another one with updated elements and more of an explanation.

Really? that sounds awesome :slight_smile:.

I’m aware of that, but I think it could work to adapt the story more. I imagine that other elemental tribes would question if it truly is a proper element like the others. Plus it sounds better than elements such as Psionics and Gravity.

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