Bionicle G3 Elements & Magic [Worldbuilding]

So magic. It is probably one of the most fundamental building blocks in any fantasy world, and as this fantasy world is still missing a few blocks, I decided to add my own to the building and see if it fits. Okay, here goes:

The world is made up of various elemental forces. From the dawn of time, matoran scholars have debated, studied, and classified the various physical and mystical parts of the world, eventually arriving at the present-day seven element system, which roughly corresponds to our island's distinct geographical areas.

Probably the most recognizable element is that of fire, which can be found predominantly in the southern volcanoes. Fire encompasses everything from lava to hearths to forges, and represents heat and the physical aspect of light. The people of the Fire Tribe are brave, hardy, and wild like their element, though fire also represents comfort and safety, as shown the hearth and campfire. The Fire tribe also gives worship to the god of Fire, Ikir the phoenix, who teaches that fire can both destroy and create.

Next if the element of water. The power of water is best seen in the mighty ocean which surrounds our homeland, and also in the life giving spring rains and streams of the inner portions. The matoran of the Water Tribe are normally peaceful and compassionate, yet when angered can be as strong and frightening as the mighty typhoon. The god of Water is Akida, the Deep Diver, who holds the mysteries of the deep and the power of life.

The element of Earth is everywhere we look. From the ground under our feet, to the towering mountains, to the rich forests and fields, the protection and support of earth surrounds us and gives us strength. The Earth Tribe worship Terak, the god of Earth, the defender and teacher, and like him are strong, steady, and steeped in the wisdom of their ancestors.

Wind, like earth, is everywhere, though it is harder to see and so is often forgotten, despite our dependence on it. Wind is what allows the flowers and trees of the earth to spread their seeds to the farthest reaches, what fans the flames of the forge, what moves or ships across the coast, and what bring mighty storms inland. Those of the Air Tribe are like the breeze, forever frolicking about in the highest reaches among the mighty gusts and storms. The air is the domain of Uxar, the explorer, adventurer, and musician.

Near the southern edge of our island lies a fast, unnavigable desert, which is the only representation of the element of sand. Sand is an interesting element, as it has little to no impact upon the rest of the world, yet is the one and only master within the western desert. Within the desert live the nomadic and secretive Sand Tribe, who follow a doctrine of secretiveness, speed, and self-sacrifice. Despite their being no god of Sand, the Sand Tribe gives worship to Ketar, the god of Stone, who can survive in the harshest of conditions. Some special members of the tribe act as priests of Uxar as to prevent his mighty winds from stirring up the dreaded sandstorms.

In the west there exists the frozen tundra which represents the element of Ice. Ice is found in the cold that covers the island once every year and in the lashing hailstorms that sometimes roll in off the coast. The Ice Tribe recognize the crystal-clear purity of ice and seek to imitate it in both mind and body, becoming perfectly fine-tuned instruments of logic and combat. The god of Ice is Melum, who hunts the beasts of the tundra with his snowstorms and possesses a keen mind which makes him the scribe of the gods.

The final recognized element is lightning, which can be found on the storm-racked eastern coast. Lightning is really an all-encompassing for the raw energy most commonly seen in the form of lightning bolts, which can strike quickly and without warning, leaving tremendous destruction yet room for new growth. The Lightning Tribe makes their home in the Storm Belt and embrace the trials and hazards of such a life, acting as directly, suddenly, and recklessly as their favoured element. There is no god of lightning, though many matoran of the Lightning tribe worship Akida and Uxar for their wind and rain.

All seven elements act as the basis for the actions which are termed "magic". Most matoran, upon their coming of age, awaken a small portion of dormant elemental energy which corresponds to their tribe and homeland. This awakening gives the matoran the ability to draw upon the energies of their element (if it is present) to assist with performing certain tasks. Most matoran can only call upon their element for aid in a very small range of abilities, and it is common for these abilities to be passed down through bloodlines, so that if the father or mother possesses a talent to call upon the powers of ice to resist heat or see with perfect clarity, there is a high chance that their offspring will have the same talent.

The worship of the gods also is an opportunity to gain great powers, as devoted worshippers or priests of a god may be able to call upon them for aid. This task normally requires much time, patience, and ritual, but if the god responds then they may be communicated with for the worshipper's gain.

In times of great peril, when the entirety of our world has been at stake, the gods have been known to manifest at their regional temples and bless certain individuals with a portion of their power and the title of "Toa". These Toa possess such a great tie to their element that they may not only call upon it to strengthen them but may directly manipulate it to their needs and desires. This event, however, is a rare occurrence, and has not happened for so long that many consider it a mere myth.

Magic may also be imbued into objects which can give great powers to the wielder. It is said that before the gods, the three creators of the world possessed enchanted masks of such power, and that these are still hidden away across the island, in secret places none dare disturb. The other major example of magical items are the Nuva Stones, which act as conduits for the gods and their elemental powers, and are kept under close guard in temples across the land, for their loss would mean that our contact with the gods and our elemental powers would vanish.

Signed the year 13045 A.G. by Juale Birch-Pen, Scribe of the Tiro Council

Aaand... done! Well, how'd you like it? I just wanted to try and add my own two cents on how this new (and completely awesome) world is evolving. I got a bit of practice doing this for the Bionicle Legacy Project but it's still a tad challenging (and sometimes controversial) so please tell me what you think and maybe we can work out something the cast will like, aye?


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