Bionicle G3 ideas- Genesis story, concepts, etc. [Story] [Worldbuilding]

Hey y'all!

As most of you know, the TTV have decided to create their own hypothetical Bionicle G3 to understand the process that Lego undergoes when the company makes its themes.

What I have to show today, is not only an idea for how the God thing works in this new land, but also several other ideas that you might find interesting.
(P.S. this topic will probably be added to regularly)

Without further ado, here is my work:

Bionicle Epics, Book One - Genesis

Makuta jerked his newly flawed armor out from the solid earth and wiped the filth from his flawless mask. He coughed up wads of muck from his throat onto his hammer as his eyes burned with hatred from failing to vanquish his foes. His face, twisted as it was from the ground, further contorted as streams of liquid fire fed from his orbs, pouring onto the place where he had shown weakness; until, at last, he could not hold back any longer and, with a cry of pure detestation, shattered the ears of the world he was now condemned to.

For several minutes the once-glorious being screamed, until, be that as it may, his voice was cut off by another’s.

“So this is how the mighty Makuta plots his retaliations?” the warrior announced to those around them. “Through tantrums? Weeping is for the weak! And here I thought you would grant us might that we could only dream of.”

Makuta’s lips were silent, as his eyes glared at this verbal oppressor with rigid disgust.

“Hmphf,” the speaker scoffed as he circled the fallen disappointment. “No words to say? No uplifting speeches to raise your troops? Nothing?”


The warrior shrugged. “Makuta, I would pity you, had not The Master condemned me as well-”

Suddenly, Makuta lunged at the throat of his fellow brother, his war-hammer striking blow after blow into the warrior’s body. Makuta took notice of his comrades shocked eyes, but he didn’t care; nobody would mock him, nobody would help him, and nobody would dare pity him. He was molded to be perfect, after all.

“You will never say such blasphemy!” Makuta shouted, his hammer tearing blood from the body of his brother. Others came to the aid of the fallen warrior, only to be batted away by the arm of Makuta.

“If any of you dare to intervene with this justice,” a rage-filled Makuta spoke in between the gasps of his captive, “Then I shall grant you a punishment ten times worse!”

His siblings lowered their heads, some out of spite and others out of approval, as each received the memories of their leader who had brought them to this moment, the same leader who had lost his sanity.


Makuta stood on his golden balcony as his eyes wandered the glossy, peach-colored sky. The clouds and time passed, causing the Heavens to shimmer and sparkle, radiating colors onto the curves of the tower steeples. A warm breeze brushed Makuta’s features, flowing over his robes and mask. Makuta smiled; he loved this place. It was so peaceful, so undisturbed. It was wonderfully mesmerizing to him.

“Makuta!” A young voice echoed excitingly among the tower walls. Makuta sighed lovingly. He new that voice so well.

“I’m up on the top level, Ekimu!”

Makuta saw the young child huffing and puffing up the steps of the tower and lent him a hand. Ekimu nodded his head in a expression of gratitude and exclaimed excitedly, “Makuta! Today is the day! The Master calls for-”

“Peace, brother.” Makuta said with a smile. “Do not clutter the air with words; there is already so much rushing about. Take a moment to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labors.”

The two siblings gazed into the sky and all the glory it holded, until, at long last, Ekimu couldn’t hold the news in any longer: “The Master will make his creations this day!”

Makuta chuckled. “Ekimu, you already know that His work will not be set for a while.”

“No!” Ekimu said. “The Master’s plan was pushed forward! He’s even more excited than I; He wishes for us to take our assigned additions and then gather at His chambers to view the spectacle as it happens!”

“Oh,” Makuta said with a smear of dismay in his voice, “Well then, let us not keep The Master waiting.”

The two began the journey from the balcony down to the bottommost floor. Halfway there, Makuta paused and stated, “Go on ahead, brother Ekimu, for you know it is forbidden that another being view one’s addition to His creation.”

Ekimu nodded understandingly, but still questioned Makuta: “Have you not already concealed your gift, as your siblings have? We’ve known about The Master’s plan for some time, now.”

“No brother, I have not. But do not fear, I will not keep the Master waiting much longer!”

Makuta waited until Ekimu vanished from his sight before brushing his fingers onto a wall, unveiling a hidden room. The room was considerably warmer than the tower itself, the source of the heat being a pool doused in never-ending flames, the perfect tool for a master blacksmith. Such as myself, Makuta thought as he eyes wandered the fire. His gift was forged here, by his own hands. Makuta was granted the task of creating an object of immense power, a mask controlling space and time itself. He never stuttered in his labor; the Vahi, as he called the result, was pure and without flaw. Makuta picked up the still warm mask from a pedestal and gazed at the features that he created.

Is this what being The Master felt like? He wondered. Granting power to those who had none. Forming objects from nothingness into existence. It was a beautiful process that Makuta experienced firsthand with this mask; every calculation, every hammer blow, every toil he underwent, he cherished. Makuta was almost saddened when it was over. Out of love, he grasped his creation tightly to his chest, but he knew it was time, for The Master had given the call to all his children that it was so. Makuta grabbed the finest cloth he could find and, after securing that the Vahi would not be disturbed, draped it over the mask. With tender hands, he slowly lifted the object from its perch, and proceeded to walk to where Ekimu and his other siblings were waiting.


When Makuta met with his fellow brothers and sisters, the sky had dimmed to a mix of soft oranges and light violets, and The Master’s chambers were filled with the excited chatter about the supernatural display that was about to take place.

Makuta placed his addition on a table that was engulfed in objects of similar features. Yet, they all seemed ancient compared to his: a thick coating of dust had long covered the gifts for this wondrous occasion. Makuta couldn’t help but think that, Most were probably created with little respect for His creation. I wonder if-

Suddenly, a multitude of trumpets blared as the crowd of his siblings cheered joyously. The Master had appeared.

“My sons and daughters,” He announced. “ Today is the day! One thousand years ago, I proposed that one day, I would create a new people, different from us, yet in our likeness. You have all toiled tirelessly in the tasks I have given you and, as such, you are all to rejoice today!”

An enormous applause erupted through the gathered beings while Makuta, through his gesture of happiness, was secretly saddened, for all the time taken in his toils, the Vahi, was no longer his.

“But first,” The Master said “Let us partake in this formation together!” The Wise One extended His hands from His temple to the solid ground beneath, and invited His many children to do the same. Once every hand had be cast, The Master’s power came to life; the Heavens above roared with approval as the ground split open, revealing the endless void beneath the golden city.

Makuta’s eyes widened, as he felt a kind of static in the air and a hidden power within him burst free. Without warning, glowing streams of light shot forth from his fingers and, with those of his siblings as well, struck the hands of The Master.

“Now, behold my children,” He said as brilliant light flowed around him, “The creation of a universe.” The Master cast the illumination down towards the darkened depths, and before the startled minds of those present, shaped the magnificent light into a world. Out of nowhere came raging seas and brightened skies. From those, dry lands and luscious greens flowed through and were cast among the newly formed stars. Soon, the glorious madness began to take shape as planets that were then scattered throughout the richness of the galaxies, now formed. The process took mere seconds, but it felt like an eternity had gone by. Yet, it was still not completed.

“There is but one more ingredient to this beauty,” The Master said with a smile, “Life.” What happened next would stay in the eyes of Makuta and his siblings forever: A multitude of beings began existence from shapeless light and then, unexplainably, formed the most wondrous and strange creatures all at once. Too many to count, the beings’ formations began the second they were thought of.

“It’s so beautiful!” Makuta whispered through tears. “So many creatures forming all at once! So many lives fashioned from nothingness! All to protect and promote prosperity!”

The Master continued his work, shaping each and every life to be distinct, yet uniform. Then, upon reaching a newly formed bipedal being, He paused and shouted to his children below, “This one is the first of many to be made in our likeness! This creature shall inhabit all the earths and shall complete his tasks in the freedom of his kind!” The Master turned to face the fully formed individual and, wrapping His arms around him, said, “Go. Inhabit the nations below with your kind. Be master over every plant, animal, and thing, but do so with love. For you are loved greatly.” The Creator embraced the his creation once more, then, with the hands of a father, set him and others of his sort down gently onto the nearest earth.

“The time has come,” The Master stated. “Your gifts will now be cherished by the people below, for objects of great power they are, and each will remind them of their blessed creator.” The Master took each and every gift into his glowing hands, and then let them fall onto the planet below. A multitude of objects numbering into the thousands were to be dispersed across just one surface.

My prize! Makuta gasped astounded. The Vahi could wreck the very universe you just created, and you just send it randomly through space! How…

The Master looked upon the newly formed cosmos, and decided that it was good. “Well done, my children!” He said, lowering his arms. “Today, a universe was born. A universe we all helped to create. I thank you for your efforts, now, go to your dwellings and rest.”


Makuta paced the floor of his golden tower. Roughly five-hundred years had past since The Master had granted life to nothingness, and during that time Makuta could not enter a state of repose.

“All they do is bicker and quarrel amongst themselves!” Makuta said with objection in his voice. “If any on them should gain control of the Vahi, or any other rune for that matter, we would see the end of His creation in an instant!”

The warrior grasped the the ledge of balcony and rapped his fingers nervously along the beam. Five hundred years could do a lot to a species, that much he knew. But how long would it take for a people to just go mad? Makuta questioned. As he re-entered his darkened fortress, he decided that he would rather not find out.


“Makuta! Makuta! Now where did my sibling run off to?” Ekimu ran through the corridors of his brother’s dwelling. “He always kept to himself, but it’s been years since anyone has seen him.” The young soldier said to himself. “I sure hope he’s okay.” Ekimu thought he had examined every inch of this place before, but he knew he would have found Makuta long ago if that had been the case. Then, the ancient illustration crept into his mind, and it almost frightened him: “That one floor we were on! Where he had to retrieve his addition! Some kind of secret passage must lie there otherwise he wouldn't have paused on our descend!” The young boy took off in with a jolt towards the floor he spoke of. “And for his sake and mine,” Ekimu continued, “I hope he’s there.”

Ekimu climbed the last step to that certain level of his brother’s home. He paused for a few moments to catch his breath and looked around. Not surprisingly, the room had changed much: boxes had been shifted around multiple times, the curtains on the windows were torn to shreds, and it appeared as if several more walls had been constructed.

“Okay, Makuta,” the young warrior said, “You’ve got to be here, somewhere.”

Ekimu spent the next few hours checking each crate and tapping each wall in hopes that his efforts would reveal where Makuta had fled. After what felt like an eternity, Ekimu brushed his fingers across the same spot his brother had five centuries ago. Ancient gears creaked as the wall spread apart almost as if asking the young child to enter and discover the secret it held.

“M-Makuta?” Ekimu asked, almost regrettingly.


Ekimu swallowed his surprise and slowly set foot into Makuta’s forge. A warm wave of heat washed over him, helping him to relax, but it do nothing against the erie feeling of the place: tools and unused metal scattered the floor, as the moonlight of the Heaven’s night entered in, illuminating every shape and feature, including that of…

“Makuta!” Ekimu shouted as he ran to embrace his older brother. “Everyone has been worried sick! The Master demanded that you return to him as soon as you were found! He sent me to-”

Makuta held up his hand and gestured that Ekimu stop his advance. “No need to run Ekimu.” He said flatly. “In fact, we were just about to go and find you, ourselves.”

“What-Whatever do you mean?”

“Have you ever wondered what you strive for? What thing out there drives you through this dull life?” Makuta stated, turning to face his sibling.

“No, not really,” Ekimu answered, “But who is this ‘we’ you speak-”

“Ah, the innocence of a child. Of course you wouldn’t.” Makuta said. “I was like you, once. Always doing everything I could to make my father happy. Toiling for years on end.”

“The Master always has our best interests in mind.”

“But, so you know what happened? Our dad decided to crush my willingness to serve Him.”

“What could you possibly be referring to, Makuta. The Master would never-”

“Stop calling Him that!” Makuta roared. Then, regaining his posture, he continued: “My gift to his creation was thrown down to his earth, without a second thought. All that power, all that beauty gone to waste!”

Ekimu looked at his brother with shock. “Makuta! You, of all people knew very well that our additions to His work were to be given to the new creation!”

“And why should that be!” Makuta said with a growl. “All His people do is fight and argue amongst themselves! They refuse any connection with us, and would use my gift for destruction if they had the chance. Face it, Ekimu, they are a failure!”

“No!” Ekimu yelled. “No, they are not! The Master gave them freedom of choice, and a lot of them are really good people!”

“They are nothing of the sort! My works should not have been given to them! The Vahi and its power must come back to its creator, at any cost.”

“Makuta! What are you talking about!” Ekimu stammered through tears. “You break your word of concealing your gift and now you wish to get it back? This-this isn’t you!”

Makuta smiled with the grin of a hunter. “Well now it is. Tonight, we will attack His people, and claim what was ours. Will you join us, child?”

At that moment, hundreds of shadows engulfed the forge as Makuta’s fellow power- hungry siblings fell from the blackened skies. Ekimu gasped, horrified at the amount of his family who had turned against their father. Ten, putting on a face of determination the young warrior turned to face his brother: “I’d rather be banished from this paradise of Heaven, then to join your twisted army!”

Makuta chuckled as he picked up his war hammer from its place on the floor, “So be it.”


The city of gold had become a slaughterhouse in the night. Ekimu had somehow managed to evade the slashes of the traitors’ weapons and call upon those who were still loyal to The Master to take up arms and defend His people. Thousands of warriors clashed in the dead of night fighting for what they thought was true. The screams of the fallen echoed through the city’s spires and range in the ears of the combatants. Ekimu had spotted his once beloved brother directing the attack from fallen rubble. He decided to make him enter his own fight.

“Makuta!” Ekimu screamed as he lept to the seated warrior. “You and yours will perish for ever daring to defy The Master’s command!”

Makuta easily dodged the young warrior’s blade and hurled his warhammer at his foe. “Oh, so brave,” he mocked. “And here I thought you would never hurt a fly.”

Ekimu had narrowly evaded the hammer before having to elude it again as the weapon ricocheted off the walls of rubble. “Given the chance, I’ll kill the flies who threaten the ones I love.”

The older veteran’s eyes scanned his opponent’s movements. “Then I’m surprised you haven’t dropped your attack already. After all, we’re all family here.”

“If this is family, I’d hate to see what rivalry is.”

Makuta had to chuckle. “That’s funny, Ekimu” He said as his brother paused to stare down his foe. “But do you what isn’t?”

At that exact moment, the warhammer of Makuta flew out from behind a wall and struck Ekimu square in the back. The young warrior screamed in pain as fell down at Makuta’s feet, the blow knocking him senseless, and his weapon from his hand.

“Death,” Makuta stated coldly as he retrieved his weapon. “Goodbye, Ekimu.”

But before Makuta could slay his brother, the child spoke: “Even if I die, The Master, in all his love, with live to see your sickness cured!”

“I will let you know this, brother,” Makuta proclaimed, as he hoisted his bloody hammer above his head. “Mata Nui is not my master!”

Mere inches from ending Ekimu’s life, the older veteran found it impossible to move. “M-My hands!” He stammered. “ What trick do you pull, brother!”

Suddenly, A voice echoed through the clouds: “Makuta…What have you done?”

Makuta’s features became scarred with fright, as every eye on the battlefield fixed its gaze on him.

“My son.” The voice stated. “Why have you done this?”

The lips of the veteran trembled as his eyes began to flood.

“Then, you know what I must do, child.” The Master appeared in full through the skies, a glorious sight to those who stayed true to his word. Power and light radiating from his hands, He carefully parted the ground and allowed the universe below to show itself once more. Then, taking all those who fought against him, he lifting them to his face and embraced them, stating tenderly to each one: “I love you.”

Without another word, The Master quickly cast the traitors into the universe he created and sealed the Heavens up, banishing them from all they held dear.

“Goodbye, my children.” The Master whispered as tears rolled down his cheeks.


“So Vezon is that fool’s name, then? Pathetic,” Makuta scoffed.

“I wouldn’t be so sure,” the female fighter next to him challenged. “He is still breathing, after all.” The pair watched the heap of bloody flesh and armor known as Vezon be carried away by some more of Makuta’s followers.

“Perhaps,” Makuta said.

“What is your command, then, brother?” She asked.

“It is a simple one, sister Roodaka.” Makuta pounced onto a rock jutting out from the crater his party had settled in. “Today, we have been defeated, cast out from what was ours, and then left to die on our father’s prized possession. Well I shall tell you that such a fate will not be ours! Mata Nui fears us! For what other reason would he reject his own children? We will find the powers he threw away, the masks he considered useless, the Vahi I forged, and then reign over the peoples he forgot! Today, my siblings was lost, but tomorrow...WE. WILL. CONQUER!”

Makuta watched as his troops exploded into riots of approval. Yes, he decided with hatred burning in his eyes. Tomorrow will be ours. But the following day will be mine!

Other points and Ideas

Glad you were able to get through all of that!
Essentially, what I'm trying to say here, and I'll include some new concepts as well, is as follows:

  • In my opinion, having more than one God as the ultimate ruler is kind of silly. To me, it brings up the question of "Why haven't they already decimated the universe already," or "Why on earth do they never toa?" By having a ranking system in the Heavens, and not just all Gods, it gives the place its own uniqueness and culture: All the angels here, Makuta, Ekimu, etc. would be below the most high being: "The Master." The angels are also The Master's children, so of course he would rather have them banished than dead. Also, Just so you know, I did base this heavily off of the book of Genesis in the Bible (hence how God created the universe, the through of Lucifer and his angels out of Heaven, etc.). Lego Never really used "God" as a term in any of its themes, hence why I used "The Master" in this writing. I think I've rambled long enough! Onto the next point!

  • The people who actually read this would see that I used Vezon, Roodaka, Mata Nui, etc. so I'm just going to show who's on who's side, here:
    Good guys: Ekimu, Lhikan, Miserix, Harvalli, Agil, Axonn, Helryx, Kiina, Vastus, Lesovik, Akida, Melum, Uxar, Ketar, Ikir, and Terak.
    Bad guys: Makuta, Nidhiki, Roodaka, Kulta, Axato, Vezon, Lariska, Fero, Tuma, Nocturn, Guurahk, Kurahk, Lerahk, Panrahk, Turahk, and Vorahk.

More can be added/subtracted; the number doesn't matter here. What I figure this could be used for is old Bionicle characters that wouldn't make the cut for other roles. For example, I really DON't want the Metru to be the rulers. The m being the old toa, and then the elders, it's just been done before. However, the metru can be added to the roster of good angels and perhaps their adversaries added to Makuta's side. I also added the rahkshi and the creatures to their respective sides. I feel that they could then be powered up to hold whatever power the story asks of them (elemental for the creatures and just plain destruction for the rahkshi) and then utalize them in the story as special chosen spirits to do whatever. Finally, much of their weapons would mimic those of there character in the older generations (except for the creatures, whom I would wish to hold the toa's weapons, so that they can then be elementally infused or whatever)

  • The six toa canisters should be able to all land at any respective region, at any given time. If there is an attack occurring in between two Suvas/landing points, then the toa should be able to eject for their canister, and then skydive to where the attack is occurring. The canister would then just run on autopilot to wherever its pre-programmed destination was set.

  • The air region should have windstorms. High gusts of wind should just blow through the region at certain times. (I think it would be pretty cool)

So there you have it! A begging story, and several more crazy ideas for you to sift through!
I appreciate any and all constructive comments/discussion
Thank you!


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Well, I skimmed the actual story, but your ideas near the end seem to work nicely. I like the idea of having levels of power among the "Gods", giving some sort of logic to their actions.

The Metru aren't going to be rulers. They talked about that in podcast 240.

Powered up elemental creatures seems kind of strange to me, but, theoretically, it could work.

The Toa's weapons being special things with powers and whatnot kept by the beasts is so much like Ninjago that I'm going to have to disagree with that.

The skydiving part might be a little bit off with the feel of the series for some reason, and would also give Lewa a very unfair advantage, as she could literally get in a pod, fly up, and jump out, flying wherever she sees fit. I feel like we should make one of the Toa afraid of heights for comedic purposes.

Having them able to skydive would also lose some stakes (surprisingly) because if they were to split up and one of them were to be in trouble, the others could come insanely quickly (assuming they were near their canister). I feel like it would be more interesting if when they split up, it was a final decision that might work out for the better and might fail really badly.

I also think the windstorm idea sounds awesome. Definitely approve of that.

Overall, good ideas all around! Especially the windstorms. I need to see those.

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Oh no, the secret's out!:scream:

@Equiston Thanks for the feedback!
I'll try to respond to every point you made there:

That was my logic as well. Having everyone on the same power level confuses me.:confounded:

I must have missed that.:stuck_out_tongue:

I was actually hoping they would be people like the rest of the "good guys" I listed, but I guess it could work either way. (Attack Rahi would be pretty cool to include).

Yeah, I see your point. I was just thought it could give some backstory to where the weapons came from, because I don't think all the matorna are carrying giant swords, hooks, axes, etc. (Their regular everyday tools could transform into their toa weapons, or something. IDK)

Those are some pretty valid points! I just included it because I thought it would look cool as an animation or something.:stuck_out_tongue:

"Every other region had some weather problem, so what would be good for air?" I thought.

Once again, thanks for the feedback! I do enjoy hearing others' opinions!

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