Bionicle G4 Year 1 Episode 3: The Power of a Toa

  • So, Vakama said, you will help us?
    Tahu was wandered. He was drunk? This really happen? He really is a hero?
  • No. I don’t believe you.
  • What?
  • I really don’t know what you want, or why, but I will not help a crazy old man!
  • But you are our only hope!
  • I don’t care! Now let me tell you…
  • Help! A voice screamed from outside.
    Tahu looked at the window and saw how the Matorans were running here and there.
  • What is happening? He asked.
  • The Rahi are here.
  • The monster who protect the masks from your crazy story?
  • Yes. From three years the Nui-Ramas and Acid Flies attack us every week.
  • And how do you defeat them?
  • Very hard.
    Tahu and Vakama went outside, and saw a lot of green giant flies flying everywhere. With them
    There were some little green flies. Tahu saw how the Nui-Ramas had masks instead of eyes, and the Acid Flie got one mask at their body.
  • This is a madness!
  • This is regular. You should protect us!
    Tahu watched at a Matoran with red and yellow armor and a yellow mask who looked exactly
    Identical with his mask. He and some other Matorans were boarding in some little battle planes. He went to the Matoran, take him from the plane, and said:
  • Sorry, little one, but I want to fight too.
    Tahu boarded into the little plane, but when he reached the control sticks, the full plane started to
    shine, and it turn into a big war plane, with a lot of weapons and painted in red.
  • What happened to my plane? Asked the Matoran.
  • Every Toa have their own energy field. Tahu use it to transform your little plane into a better
  • Awesome! Tahu said. Let’s see what we got here!
    Tahu started his engines.
  • Matorans, ready, set, FLY!
    The planes started to fly in the sky with Tahu in front of them. When the Nui-Ramas started to
    them, the Matorans shot them. Tahu do the same, but instead of normal fire, he fired big fire balls. The Nui-Ramas fell on the earth, but after that, they shined with a brown light and started to fly again.
  • How can we stop them? Asked Tahu.
  • Tahu, a voice from the console said, I am Jaller. The leader of the Ta-Koro Guard.
  • The little guy?
  • Yes… You need to know something about the possessed Rahi. Tha masks are infected by
    Makuta, so if you want to defeat one Rahi, then you need to shot the mask!
  • OK!
    Tahu entered in the Nui-Rama army and fired every single mask from the Nui-Ramas’s eyes. In this
    time, the other Matorans were doing the same with the acid flies. After the army was defeated, Tahu saw an orange Nui-Rama with something red in its hands on earth. He arrive there and jump from his plane. In the hand of the Nui-Rama there was a red mask. Tahu take it.
  • It is a Kaukau, a voice from his back said.
    It was Vakama.
  • The Great Mask of Water Breathing. You wear a Hau, the Great Mask of Shielding. You need that
    Mask if you want to start your destiny. I will ask you again, you will help us?
    Tahu put the Kaukau on his face. The mask fused itself with the Hau.
  • Yes.
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