Bionicle G4: Year 1 Episode 4: The Mask have the Power

Gali was in the Naho Lake.
- Where is my Miru? She thought.
She was the Toa of Water and she wear a Kaukau. Turaga Nokama tell her the same story. She
Accept her destiny faster than Tahu. She already find her Hau in the Tuyet Bay and now she was searching for her Miru, the Mask of Levitation.
She swim over she find an underwater cave. There she saw a light. She entered there and saw that the light start from an object covered by some seaweeds.
- My mask! She said.
She went there and took the mask.
- This was too easy!
She looked in her back and saw a big blue lizard- a Tarakava.
- Oh oh… she said.
Gali took her hooks and jump on Tarakava’s back, then she put her hook on Tarakava’s face and the
other one on his infected mask. He pushed the hooks and break the mask. The Tarakava was free. It looked at Gali and then run away. Gali put the Miru on her face. The mask fused with the other ones.
- Easy.
Gali exit from the cave and from the lake, but when she looked in her right she saw a big person.
The person looked exactly like her, but it was red and it had a fire sword.
- Who are you? Gali asked.
- I am Tahu! The Toa of Fire! I am here to find my Great Miru, the Mask of Levitation!
- Wait… Toa? I am a Toa too!
- Great! Where is my mask?
- On my face.
- You took my mask?!
- It was in my Koro!
- My Turaga said that my mask is here!
- My Turaga said that my mask is here too!
- Then where is my mask?
- I don’t know!
- Maybe your Turaga is too old, and that is my maks!
- What? You want to fight?
- I am sure I can defeat you!
- Then show me!
Gali use her Miru to fly above Tahu. He use his firesword to launch a fireball in Gali. She use her
Water to destroy the fire.
- Do you still think you can defeat me?
- You don’t know one thing!
- What?
- I have a Kaukau too!
Tahu jumped into the lake.
- Really?
Gali jumped too. There she didn’t saw Tahu. He was in her back. When Gali finally saw him was too
late. Tahu used his fire power to make a fireball who transformed in ash. Gali was blinded by the ash, and Tahu kick her face. Gali jumped from the lake. Tahu do this as well. When she saw him, Gali walk to him.
- So? Tahu asked.
- OK… I will give your mask…
- Perfect.
- But first… HEY! THAT IS A NUI-RAMA?
Gali kicked Tahu so powerful, that he lost his mask. Gali took it and give it to him. Tahu put it on his
- So?
- OK… Maybe that is your mask… But where is mine?
- I have no idea. Wait! Tarakava!
- Really? I don’t like this joke.
- No, really! And it have your Miru!
Tahu looked at his back. Three meters away there was a green Tarakava with a red Miru.
- So my Miru was here, but it was took by this Tarakava !
- Let’s take it!
Gali jump on Tarakava’s back and tried to do the same thing she does with the first one, but she
can’t, because Tahu tried to hit the monster with his sword, but he hit her face.
- Sorry! He said.
- We need to fight as one! You distract its attention!
- OK!
Tahu used his firesword to distract the creature. The Tarakava looked at him and started to try to
punch him. In this time, Gali jump on the creature and destroyed the corrupted mask with her hook. The Tarakava was free. Gali looked at Tahu when he fused his Miru with the other Masks.
- I don’t present myself. I am Gali, by the way.
But Tahu started to walk to a forest, like if he didn’t hear her.

Cool story