BIONICLE Headcanons

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My thoughts on a G1/G2 connection (which I may expand upon later in the dedicated topic) is that the Shadow Realm from G2 is a pocket dimension that the Great Beings eventually stumbled upon, and they later used this knowledge to access, or even create, other pocket dimensions and alternate realities. The important part, though, is that when they found the Shadow Realm, Makuta was somehow able to influence the prime dimension, either directly or indirectly, through some method that I have yet to puzzle out.

Honestly, though, I wouldn’t put it past the Great Beings to just straight-up work directly with Makuta.

[I started this draft a while ago, but I see now that this is basically what @Wekua said above]

I kind of considered this, but the problem is that we know that there are alternate universes, presumably with the same past as the prime universe, where the Makuta never betrayed Mata Nui. Whatever G2 Makuta did to influence the G1 Makuta, it would have to be something extremely subtle, with success hinging on some tiny, almost random detail.

Yeah, that was basically my thought as well. Of course if this is true, that means that the Uniters are still out there somewhere, which could prove interesting to the future of the story.

(Could the Elemental Creatures still be out there too? Did the Great Beings find them?)

The last G1/G2 connection idea I have is the Kanohi. Simply put, I propose that the Kanohi were an attempt to recreate the Masks of Power from ancient times, but the Great Beings couldn’t quite get it right and their artificial masks could only work on their artificial lifeforms.

Again, this could have interesting implications for the future if anyone were to ever discover Okotan ruins and/or lost mask-making techniques.


The Great Beings were not just scientist kings, they were cultists trying to summon their lost gods

Perhaps a secondary sub-mission for Mata Nui was to seek out where the Masters go when they return to the stars

Perhaps that subtlety was necessary, to keep the other GBs off the trail

Also this could explain why the Rahkshi and Visorak were preprogrammed into the Antidermis to begin with- an effort to assure redundant horde armies for the Dark Lord Makuta to conquer Spherus Magna (and later other worlds) without just smashing it to death with his gigantic feet.


Love doesn’t exist in the MU, so all pre-09 Bionicle characters are aroace


In general, I think it would be an interesting development in the Masters/Uniters were to return to Spherus Magna at some point in the future of this hypothetical story continuation.

It could be done by someone finding the incantation to summon them in some Okotan ruins, but it would also be very funny if, as you suggested, the Great Beings just skipped all that and manually retrieved them.


Imagine the craziness of the Toa Nuva meeting essentially clones of themselves… that would be a very interesting story.

Also, what does this mean?


Aroace is an abbreviation of aromantic and asexual, used to describe people who are both of the above


Ah, thanks. I see how that could be an accurate description of those characters now…


Headcanon: Nektann’s vision power is the ability to dehydrate targets. Similar to how Hakann can project his heat vision on a non-lethal wide-beam or instantly obliterate targets, Nektann can modulate the intensity of his eyebeams: at low intensity, it causes a torturous thirst; at high intensity it reduces targets to dust like the Boggarak’s Rhotuka.


One of my HCs: All residents of Spehrus Magna have dark purple blood.
IDK why, but I like to imagine their blood in that color.

So, yeah…


This is a good idea for a vision power; it fits well with the official ones.

I can get behind this.

As a bonus “cool factor”, there are some real-life animals that have purple blood, and it turns transparent when it’s deoxygenated.

I also have a new idea about this:

This could be explained by another headcanon I may have discussed here before.

My idea is that the G1 Makuta were a single entity; the pool of Antidermis was “The Makuta” (which would have been influenced by G2 Makuta, as per the above discussion), and Mata Nui later created the 100 individual Makuta from this pool, each with a portion of The Makuta’s mind and personality.

With this idea, Teridax’s decision to betray Mata Nui could hinge on him simply getting a slightly different random portion of the Antidermis.

While I’m discussing the idea that the Antidermis was a single entity, I also propose that, when the Makuta chose to betray Mata Nui, they physically removed the portions of themselves that were aware of Mata Nui’s true purpose and returned it to the pool, hence why Brutaka gained this knowledge when he absorbed it.