Bionicle Heroes Inspired Panrahk Revamp

I always loved how the Rahkshi looked in Bionicle Heroes and wasn’t able to find anyone who tried to rebuilt them so here is my try at it with Panrahk, my favourite Rahkshi.

My Remake.

Panrahk as he appears in the game.

List of features:

His head can open and close.
Added forearms and longer upper legs like in the game.
Two pieces in the back make the torso lock in place after you turn it as to avoid it swinging around while posing or playing with it.
A tiny axle in the back locks the piece holding the head and kraata in place so you don’t have to worry about it moving once you open the back for switching/taking out the kraata.
Has a tiny piece in the back that the staff can be attached to, allowing Panrahk to carry it on his back.

Would love to hear the feedback of everyone here as this is my first attempt at modifying and revamping something. Thanks for checking this out!

One question: What is your favourite Rahkshi?


I detect 3 crimes of heresy…

Putting the purist aside, this is a nice rendition; dare I say looking better than the original Panrahk


Thanks! Sorry for the heresy!
I would like to paint the pieces sometime in the correct colours to match the colours in the game, sadly I only have his feet from when I first got him in 2003 and from the scratches you can see he saw alot of action when I played with him as a kid. I do have a Vorahk game version though that is in pretty good condition.


This looks pretty great! I always liked the Bionicle Heroes designs…the lanky arms work so much better then the stubby ones.


Thanks! I like their designs too, the longer arms and legs and the new details on their head. I have some of their models on my pc and hope to one day be able to paint mine exactly like the ones in the game. I always hoped as a kid they would be rereleased. Sadly Bionicle is R.I.P. now, was a great time though.


Cool, really nice attention to detail


Yah, but this is the good heresy.


@Yukiga Thank you!

@Kan Haha, thanks!

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Barely a change from the original Rahkshi but its a good improvement.

Welcome to the boards by the way!


Thanks! I like the Rahkshi design from the game alot so I focused on trying to make a real version of that. I hope to one day paint mine like the ones from the game and modify their pieces more.

I really like the boards. Alot of cool creations here and nice people.


These are my childhood dream made into reality.


Thanks! I loved the designs from the game and also dreamed of one day having one like them.


Dang, lots of custom pieces going on here! They look really good! It’s great to see somebody try and replicate the MoL-style Rahkshi head. He looks very similar to the Heroes Panrahk, good job! Those arms are very nice!

My biggest critique would be in regards to the photography. It’s difficult to fully appreciate your MOC because the background is so cluttered and distracting. Next time you post a MOC I recommend trying to pose it in front of a simple mono-tone backdrop. This will help focus all of the viewer’s attention on the creation itself.

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Thanks! I tried to show the Heroes Panrahk in the background for anyone who didn’t know about it, I must admit my desk is petty messy though. I will try to take better pictures for my next MOC. I am currently working on my very own Rahkshi including all the features of my Panrahk but also a custom colour scheme and posable fingers, he will be based around the shadow Kraata.


Great idea! Next time I recommend just embedding an image of your source material directly into the topic. It’s easier, simpler and cleaner.

Great! I recommend reading through this topic to get some tips.

Oooh, sounds awesome!


I doubt many people in the Bionicle fandom don’t know about the masterpiece that is Bionicle Heroes :smirk:


Great thinking, I should have made a combination of an image taken of my Panrahk and an image showing the game one next to it. I sadly didn’t think of this at the time.

Thanks for the link! I don’t have a professional setup here but I will try my best!

Here is a little sneak peak that I took after working on it and letting it dry after still unfinished colouring, the head on the stand will be the head it will use when finished.

Haha, very true!


Looking good! I’m really liking your parts usages. As for your pics, just be careful to evenly light your model and turn your camera’s flash off. I can’t tell you how many LEGO pics I’ve had ruined by the darn flash.


Ah man this is sick! There aren’t enough “replica MOCs” out there. This is thing is very well done. I’d love to see some JtO replicas, or ones of the old movies or games.


Piece abuse aside, I do have to say this looks very nice. Could you show us a shot of the back, so we can see the locking mechanism and the staff connection?