Bionicle Iliad: Signups Open


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I need something for this? Like email or something like this?

You need an email, username, and password

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I will try in the future.

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If you are still accepting volunteers in this area I would love to volunteer for scripting. I will have to see about making a discord account though.

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Just so everyone is aware, progress is being made on this project. If you are not already involved and still want to join, there’s plenty of room! Just ask and I’ll sign you up!


...Is this still a thing?

If it is, I could maybe try to do some voice acting, if spots are still open. If not, I could try my hand at making some MOCs. Keep in mind my voice might be a bit childish still, but that might be good for a matoran voice.

Yes, I do have discord.

Spots are still open, do you have discord?
@Toa_Distraxx send me a friend request so I can invite you to the server, my tag is Morgy#4568

If anyone is good at 3d modeling in blender or any other program, we could use your help.



I'm interested in a couple sectors; voice acting, scripting, lore. I can send you some writing submissions, I have pretty good sound quality, and I know more than I should about Gen 1. If these posts are still open, let me know!

Why yes they are still open, do you have discord?

I'll make one now. I'm not familiar with it at all though, so I'll do my best to get it done fast

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Let me know when you make one. Me and Sam's discord tags are on the main post so you can send one of us a friend request so we can invite you to the server.

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Pretty sure I just sent friend requests to the both of you :smiley:

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Sent the server invite.

if its still ok, ill sign up for either art or moc design

Awesome! Do you have a discord?

I do.