BIONICLE in the later Years, how I would have done it

In the first half of 2009 I would have continued the story in the MU, and have 24 sets

The story would be that 6 matoran have decided to go rgue and try to fight back Makuta in the southern reagion unexplored previously, There would also be 6 new toa who would defend what was left of the MU and the OoMN. As well as having 12 skakdi warriors who would fight against this new team of toa.

6 Independent Matoran who are on a mission to explore the southern land masses to try to find a safe place to rebuild, or to fortify from the Makuta Teridax and try to fight him back.

6 New Toa who defend the OoMN and other beings it what was left of the MU.

12 New Skakdi villains who work for Makuta Teridax.

and have 6 sets in the summer

Mata Nui






When Mata Nui crashed down onto Bara Manga he had rebuild himself and was followed by Click (who would be in the Mata Nui ser) he would get the attention of Mata Nui and Mata Nui would then put click on his shoulder. But unbeknownst to Mata Nui he is actually being stalked by a Zesk, Mata Nui then stumbles to Volcanus when we is questioned at the gate, but it eventually let in by Raanu, believing that the battle that would soon occur in the arena would help calm down Mata Nui from his panic.

In 2010 the six matoran have met up with a young rogue skakdi, 4 more matoran, and 1 new toa. together they would travel farther down to the south and would get into a scuffle with 6 Skakdi Warriors, but the goup would outright slaughter the 6 skakdi and continue on. While the 6 Toa would be joined by 6 other new Toa to help defend what was left of the MU even more.

4 matoran

1 Young Skakdi

1 Toa

6 New toa who would help defend what was left of the MU

6 Skakdi

In the second half I would Introduce the Vorox and Skrall by the point of view of Mata Nui, as well as 3 more Glatorian.

3 More Glatorian

2 New Vorox

2 New Skrall

In the the years of 2011 2012 we would Mainly follow the trials of Mata Nui.

2011 - In this year we meet Kiina, Gresh, Gelu, and we finally have that Zesk show himself. It turns out that the Zesk was a rogue who left the primal trditions behind it search of a more civil way of living, and in his travels met Mata Nui and his friends, and would eventually join them later on in the story. We also have a confrontation between the skrall and this is where gresh tells Mata Nui about his victory against the skrall in Atero, We also meet a Vorox who joins the gang for some time.







In the second half we learn that the Skakdi are failing Makuta Teridax and so he releases hordes of new Rahkshi. We get 7 sets of Rahkshi

Rahkshi of Weather Control

Rahkshi of Elasticity

Rahkshi of Heat Vision

Rahkshi of Illusion

Rahkshi of Teleportation

Rahkshi of Quick Healing

Rahkshi of Laser Vision


I would prefer some new type of villains rather than more Skakdi


I’m not sure of any other than that. Perhaps dark hunters.

or vortixx, or rahi, or rahkshi, or even vahki.

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… clones and/or mutants(of any species)? Some new type of robot grunt? Makuta copies/grunts?

This is a great idea for how it should’ve been done. But the thing was that by 2008/2009 the story got complicated and the sales were falling substantially. This would’ve resulted in budget cuts in the line, which led to why we got such underwhelming sets in 2010. Great theory though

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The thing is though, that the average consumer back in 2009 did not get the sets, so if I offered many sets with differing builds than chances are that people would but the more often. Nad, eventually the sales might return to what they once where.

so what you’re saying is,

“I’d pour a ludicrous amount of money into it, and hope for the best.”

At first, but then decline in the amount of sets later on.