Bionicle: Inversion

After learning about Transformers Shattered Glass, I wanted to do the same for Bionicle. I am just going to make a short explanation for it, just because many of the event s are the same (yet different). I hope you enjoy.

In a time before time, a villainous being known as Mata Nui created our island, so we could become his personal slaves. He tortured us for centuries, until a great hero, known as Teridax freed us from slavery, and put Mata Nui into a deep slumber. He went into hiding, waiting for an evil prophecy to come true. This is where our story begins.

Six warriors washed ashore our island, and began destroying it. The rahi tried to keep them from obtaining the masks of power, but failed. It was Makuta's turn. The six warlords entered his domain, and combined into the toa Kaita, Akamai, the toa of fear, and Wairuha, the toa of ignorance, to defeat the Manas. The toa Kaita seperated, and continued on to Makuta. He fought them off, and overpowered them one by one, until they began fighting as one. He had failed, and the matoran were forced into slavery once again.

The Bohrok were awakened to protect the inhabitants of the island, and fought the toa. The swarms were much too powerful for them, and succeeded. Everything was peaceful as the Bohrok swarms broke down the toa, though it was short lived. The toa learned that they needed to collect the Bohrok's krana, and did. The discovered where the Bohrok had come from, and discovered large mechanical suits. The used the to fight the Bahrag, queens of the Bohrok. The toa defeated them, and were transformed in a pool of protodermis into the toa nuva. This gave them more power, and finished off the swarms with ease. Nothing could stop them.

The toa nuva had defeated the bohrok, and six stronger bohrok were awakened. They had a simple mission: defeat the toa nuva and reawaken the bahrag. They stole the nuva symbols, taking away the toa's powers and defeated them with ease. When the Bohrok were close to reviving the Bahrag, the toa used the mask of time to stop them, but it failed. Instead, they overloaded the Bohrok with the nuva symbols, destroying them, and sealing the fate of the Matoran.

I will continue if people enjoy this.


Please do. I once was going to do this, but never got around to it.

I was wondering why no one has done this on the boards yet.

I like dis

I feel like it could be more shattered glass-ish. While it does good, maybe the reversed names work? Actually, maybe to make it more like shattered glass, maybe the rahi and makuta should be winning or something. Maybe throw a displaced Vezon/Takanuva/obscure but important character?

I wanted to keep the story relatively the same.

This reminds me of a story I once did of a team of toas that sided with Teridax. The basic gist was that after learning the truth about the Matoran Universe, they realized that they were mere tools to keep a giant robot functioning, only for it to serve other masters. They got disillusioned from the three virtues, and start proclaiming themselves as warlords over the matoran universe, and attempt to overtake the universe with Makuta. Of course, we all know how Makuta treats his accomplices and what happens to him.

I wanna read more, it was quite entertaining...

Is this meant to be a serious story, or a comedic story?

More serious than comedic.



so @MiraculousPrime, could I create a story based off this but more of a shattered glass fic?

I suppose. I just hope I am credited.

Next part!

Now that the Bohrok Kal have been destroyed, the matoran were again forced into slavery, until Makuta return. He sent three of his sons, the Rakshi to protect them, and defeat the toa. They ended up destroying the village of fire, but the toa escaped with the matoran. There was also a duo of matoran who escaped the toa of fire with the mask of light, and fought the curse that one, Takua, had. The Rakshi chased them and protected them from the toa of ice, but failed in their duty. Makuta sent the other three rakshi to destroy the village of earth to save the Onu-matoran. IT turns out that the matoran had split up and Takua had went to the earth village, while Jaller, his companion, continued on with the mask of light. Lerahk, the rakshi of poison had infected the fire toa, and when he and the toa of water intercepted them, he defended Takua, allowing him to escape. The two matoran crossed paths and continued on toward their destination. Once there, the toa surrounded them, just as the rakshi showed up. they fought, and the rakshi put up a good fight, and even overpowered the toa. They had almost won, until Takua put on the mask of light, and his curse turned him into the seventh toa. He used his light powers to defeat the rakshi. He took a speeder into the lair of Makuta, and they dueled. Makuta had the upper hand, but the toa of light pushed him and himself into a pool of protodermis. The other toa and turaga had followed the toa of light down. The toa and Makuta merged into Takutanuva. He freed the toa and turaga from Makuta's lair, and fell under the mass of the heavy door. The toa and turaga used their powers to revive Jaller and the toa of light.

Now, I know I had more story in the first one, but I need your help with 2004 and 2005.

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