Bionicle is like Lost

Some thinking had me realize that Bionicle and Lost have some eerie unintentional similarities.

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This is... true... Now that I think of it.

Care to point out said similarities? I doubt the target audience of Bionicle watches LOST and some of us (namely me) have not seen it or have not seen enough of it, so it would be a good idea to point out these similarities in your initial post.

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people crash-land on mysterious island where two brothers are in a struggle, Good brother was taken out by evil brother, island has natives and underground mysteries and something called Damrat.



People on island with strange stuff?

That's all I can really think of...

Oh, and the plot twists in G1.

Huh. They sorta do. Thankfully Bionicle never went into time travel or afterlife stuff.

The Red Star is more like a convenient teleportor hospital opposed to the afterlife/purgatory.

no but they did go into multiple dimensions.

...the red star...

There are also spiders with weird venom and can paralyze you, animals not native to the island, and a way-too complex plot that caused their respective downfalls.

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