BIONICLE is Officially Cancelled

I would say the Masters and Uniters were equally great for the functions they had. One perfected the arm gear mechanic, the other the waist mechanic. Visually its hit and miss and solely depends on the person in question.


I loved that the Uniters went back to the detailed look from the G1 sets, though I did like the smooth textures of the Masters.


so...Bionicle was cancelled because LEGO was just too darn successful.


The quote I found there just fits perfectly with my biggest issue with current LEGO in general:

"Lego is an insanely overpriced product and not really for kids anymore. If it were for kids all of them would have access to it. Not just wealthy parents."


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While of course they are a quality product, they also market themselves to kids. I have to agree with tesla in that better balance between affordability and quality would be nice, though I recognize that this is unlikely to happen due to lego's current financial success brought about largely with quality prioritized over affordability.


As we say where I live, "More you spend, less you spend".


Both are pretty close.

In my opinion, quality control of the packaging is what sets them apart more than the plastic or designs.

Ah, what could have been...


LEGO is a bit expensive, yes, but I think if they market themselves towards kids, teens, and young adults as a whole, they wouldn't have any problems. The main demographics can stay kids, but they can't be afraid to branch out, because teens and young adults don't always have to rely on parents to buy things for them, they're able to splurge a little for exactly what they want. I know I definitely wouldn't have a Magic: The Gathering deck if it were up to my parents alone. I've spent more money than I'm willing to say here on those silly cards. I still love them though.


Well the packaging isnt that big of an issue since most of the time people throw it away (glad my mom saved up all my Bonkle boxes and canisters cause storage)

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I mean like the packaging process (missing bags, etc)

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Oh yeah, LEGO has had less problems with that, if any.


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See, Lego has a kids medium and an adult one.
It's overpriced? Yeah.
Does it have reasonably priced stuff so as to give children access?
Lego is an enigma, a puzzle of unfitting pieces. We'll never really understand all their decisions, but they've been doing pretty dang well. The Lego Batman Movie should rake in huge profits, perhaps that's why they're pulling back.
The waters always recede before a tidal wave.


So the reason Bionicle ended was due to poor sales. And the reason for that was lack of interest by consumers. And the reason for that was lack of marketing. And the reason for that was due to cutting back on marking for all Lego lines.
So basically we know the reason for the reason for the reason for the reason for Bionicle ending. Wrap your head around that.

I know this video has long passed being relevant being talked about but I think I will go crazy if I don't get this off my chest.

So in the video, (I'm too lazy to figure out the exact time) Raiso says that the reason Bionicle G2 was canceled had to do with the positive reviews of the sets.
Now if you stop to think about that for more than five second you'll realize that makes no sense at all. How does overly positive reviews have any correlation with the cancellation of Bionicle Generation 2? If anything that will help with Bionicle G2's sales because it's showing that you should go out and buy these sets thus Lego will make money on Bionicle.

It's like saying that negative reviews of the Transformers films will affect its box office gross.

Alright that 1 Bionicle rant off my chest, 47 more to go. /s

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I just watched that video for the first time and...... it really doesn't make any sense.


Why are you giving public attention to the worst of the community?
Dang it @DarkHenrik , stop giving those twats attention.


from his and his friends point of view, the sets where bad sets, and in their eyes, the fans where stupidly trying to defend a line that in truth contained some of the worst looking Constraction sets released by LEGO.

infact, in another video they made, on of Mr. Cup's friends said that constraction was going to end, and he blamed it on CCBS, he blamed CCBS because in his eyes, it was a very simple and standard building system. infact they all stated that Constraction was going to die, and (i think) Mr. Cup said that if Constraction ended it would be a really though time for LEGO... But i have no idea where he reached that conclusion.

here is the video

but if we ignore them, then they will proclame that its true that the community is toxic, we have to also hear what the nay sayers are saying, so that we can understand where they come from, true we don't agree with their logic, but we would still have to hear them so that we know their reason, rather than ignoring what they say.


Has anyone here yet discovered the true turmoil of these nay sayers, that actually makes logical objective sense and is not incredibly selfish and childish in nature?

These are the same people that are happy and rejoicing over other peoples misfortunes, those kinds of mentalities should not have any worthwhile time and attention spent on them, and I mean that sincerely.



this is the reason why you NEVER feed the trolls.