BIONICLE is Officially Cancelled

Well, IDS wasn't necessarily wrong in that video. I mean, he presented it in a very understandable and straightforward way. It's hard to argue against his points, whereas (although I agreed with what Callan was trying to say) Callan simply isn't the most well-spoken, so his intended meanings were misconstrued by many. I agree that the community has, in general, started hating on G2, but I can hardly blame them. They went from defending G2 endlessly and fanatically, to the point of calling the most minor criticisms of anything heresy, to disliking it because of its many, MANY flaws. At least the community is acknowledging what went wrong now, instead of blindly ignoring it and crucifying anyone who wanted to make a reasonable argument about its flaws.


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and IDS had reasoning why he didnt like bionicle G2 , not to seem rude but you've been throwing a lot of dirt to people who disliked G2


I think your now just ignoring the overly negative look people are now giving it, because your making it sound like your happy that it gets notting but 100% hate.

people are not looking at it as some reboot of Bionicle that had mistakes, people are now starting to look at it more and more as the butchering of their childhood, the thing thing that set out to not only cashing in on people's nostalgia, but to also destroy what you loved so many years ago. The hate for G2 is becoming "Metroid other M" level of hatred, people are treating it as the thing that not only destroyed the reputation of their favorite LEGO theme, but also devestated it to the point of no recovery. Any positive thing that people have said about G2 in the past like the sets, is now called into question, because now like i said, G2 is looked at as notting but mistakes.

so i again ask, if people start to say that they have thrown away the G2 books and graphic novels that they bough, if people say that they have taken appart the G2 figures that they built and thrown them ither into the garbage like the book or coldly sells it on the web or even burns the peices out of spite...

do you still then feel that G2 deserved all the hate it gets?

Is G2 now notting but the horrible thing LEGO made to cash in on our childhood nostalgia in our eyes now?

the way people treat G2 makes it come of like people just want 2016 to be over with so that they can forget that G2 even happend and instead treat it as a horrible dream.

its interesting how before some time after G2 ended, people said that we should not forget that G2 happend, but now... people want noting more but to forget G2. The bitterness towards G2 only grows with every passing day, until by December, it would then probably be called "the horrible mocery made by LEGO that killed off my favorite theme".

I think you're exaggerating the hate toward G2 a bit. For the most part, people are upset, and there are many who wish it never happened, but I haven't heard of anyone burning their sets or throwing out their books. There are also plenty of people in the community who still appreciate what G2 brought. "Other M level hate" has yet to really happen, and even in that case, there are still plenty of people who defend Other M (though I personally don't know if I'll ever understand why).

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i have not seen a single persion defend it for a long time.

why do you think i made it clear that December might be the month that the hate for G2 might be even higher than now? the hate just seems to grow every day.

people just seems to grow more resentfull towards G2 as time goes by. Its no wonder when i say that people will probably even take back the positive things they have said about G2 like the sets.

in the end, G2 will probably not even have any positive things to look back on, instead the community will most likely look back at G2 as the thing that should never have existed.

Let's bring up some new discussion. So G2, after all that, do you feel that the characters felt biomechanical?

No I feel like sets like the Skull Villains, which show bone and rid cages, feel organic and don't have a million pistons slapped onto them.

Felt more "bio" than "mechanical" to me. It was somewhere between Gen 1 Toa and Glatorians.

I'm going to be entirely honest here, they didn't feel like either to me. They really didn't feel very biological, mostly due to their portrayals in the 2015 animations and Journey to One. They tried a little too hard to play off the "robot" side in Journey to One, and their movements in both are very clunky and unnatural. Set-wise, they don't look very biological.

They don't feel mechanical either though. 2016 tried to push that pretty hard, and although I liked the aesthetic, it didn't really make them seem mechanical in anything but a skin-deep kind of way. I dunno, neither side really came off that strong, possibly because of how little content we got in terms of story material.

To me, they felt plastic, because that's technically what they were. I never got a believable sense that they were anything but toys in a story designed to sell said toys.

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I'm not sure what your point is? Why should it matter to anybody if people like gen 2 as a whole less as time goes on? People mostly defended it while it was still going on primarily in the hopes that it would improve(this appears to be the case, but of course i cant prove it in any way), and now that it has ended are able to look at the finished line in its entirety. Evidently, they have found it lacking, as i have. Yes, DarkHenrik, this line will be but a bad memory in my mind as well as many others, but as long as you appreciate it in some capacity and are able to deal with valid criticisms voiced by members of the community it doesn't matter a bit.



It kind of does. I liked G2 as a whole, I'm just going to start off with that. However, when a large portion of a community hates G2, it doesn't just stay as annoyance or dissatisfaction, it becomes true hate; starts to become somewhat blind, reason might be made a little less relevant. Of course, most of the people who are stating the flaws of G2 are doing so with logic, reason, and evidence; all of which are great. Unfortunately, as with any fandom, it's not unlikely that over time some people (as well as new fans who came in late) will not be dissatisfied because they're thinking of the flaws, they'll become dissatisfied because it's just the thing they "know" is supposed to be disliked.

Take the Star Wars prequels, for example. They are by no means perfect, but let's be entirely honest here, if it wasn't such a popular opinion to hate it, how many people would truly despise it? A lot of the haters of the prequels have legitimate reason, but many also just see it as the "socially correct" opinion. I Enjoy G2, and I can accept valid criticisms of it. However, I believe the point @DarkHenrik is trying to make (no matter how he may be wording it) is that these criticisms will become more frequent and less valid over time. I truly wish this wasn't the case, but it seems fairly likely given other fandoms as an example.


Fair enough, the prequel analogy is a good comparison. I hope the community doesn't turn in that direction, because although my final opinion on G2 may be that I almost wish it didn't happen at all, because my view is that the bad it brought outweighs the good it did, for the most part my criticisms aren't "lol G2 sucks because of this dumb thing," they're "G2 would've been so much better if they had done this instead of this." The intent is, and always was, to acknowledge where G2 went wrong, and wish they had done something better so I could like G2 more. I want to like G2, but given the state it was in throughout its run, I was never really able to like it that much. Now that it's over, I look back and say "if only they had done this better." It's like playing through a video game that's flawed and mediocre, and saying "well, if they had done this this way, or executed that differently, this would've been a great game." You don't necessarily hate the game, you just see where it could've been better. For the most part, the members of TTV and the TTV Message Boards who have said anything negative about G2 have shared that intent. If the community makes it the "go-to" thing to hate the way the prequels in Star Wars are, then just like in Star Wars, the reasonable members of the community won't fall into it, and there will still be plenty of people who defend it. Maybe I'm too optimistic, but the behavior and maturity of the members on these boards has given me reason to be.

Guys we may complain that G2 ruined Bionicle or it shouldn't have ended early. But what we should be is just move along.


I agree, what's done is done. It's time to do what the community did after G1 ended, and just start making content and having a good time.

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Now that we are (or we're) on the question, did I find G2 bad? No, I did not. In fact, some of it was better than G1. (very few parts.) I felt JTO episodes 1, 2, and 3 were phenomenal, as well as the books. I felt, as it usually with Bionicle, the books were the best. It's greatest downfall, which I have ranted about multiple times, the JTO ending was just atrocious garbage. And as for the G2 sets, they were all great. Ketar (and maybe SS) aside, they were all good to some degree.


Exactly my thoughts. Everything about G2 was pretty good aside from its last twenty minutes :confused:.


Agreed. The ending just ruined the entire experience of G2 for me, as well. All the buildup from the various media sources just drops into a bottomless pit of nothingness, and now it seems like Lego wants nothing to do with the theme outside of a final contest...

Speaking of, the contest winners are supposed to be announced this week!


What I've learned from Bionicle G2:

  1. The fanbase can't agree on anything.

  2. Lego did not know how to manage Bionicle.

  3. Rushing a full years story into the last 10 minutes are a terrible idea.

  4. The will always be fanboys who scoff at a new version of something the grew up, even before it came out, not just Bionicle.


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I know, but I find it unnecessary for new users. (Beside posting a topic of an opinion on G2 ending)


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