Bionicle: Kego & the AD drones (MOC)

He’s just a chronicler.

more pictures:

Now,the AD-drones.

GU-77 Grenadier unit

IU-86 infantry unit

more pictures:


somehow feels… messy and rushed. Good try though


@JMP Which one(s)?


the torso seems messy yet complex somehow, the first hone has alot of overlapping plates(no really the wrist and knees seem odd), their groins seem off, and then the third one’s thighs are funny with those open ball sockets

other then that I guess I could see them working

first one looks like a weird Lewa with red and yellow on him BTW


@JMP Mkay. I’m not a fan of the the AD-drones myself,but personnaly i doN’t really think GU-77 looks that messy. but i can agree with you on the other one.

The chronicler doesn’t look quite right. The color scheme’s messy, and the mask is oddly shaped for the body type.
The next one is decent, probably the best of the three, but the almost flawless color scheme is shattered by those two red pieces. It would be awesome if it weren’t for them.
The third one is awful. It’s messy, gappy, and looks really odd. The head looks awkward, the torso is abominable, especially the lower half. Why does he have a hand on his crotch?



no offense but

these look pretty bad

The first one looks incredibly rushed and sloppy

the second is mediocre but I supposed it kinda works.

The matoran looks great! The other two aren’t on par with your other mocs but aren’t bad.

The chronicler has a slightly messy torso, the mask doesn’t work, and eugh, minifigure arms do not make good fingers. Also, the red ball joints are really out of place there

Your grenadier looks like a stealth jet. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is kind of weird. Overall, I like it though.

The IU-86 is rather sloppy. The chest is too smooth to fit with the rest of the moc, the hero cores do not work very well, and the fistdi- erm… Pelvic hand is really unsightly. The arms are also too simplistic and smooth compared to the rest of the moc, and look really out of place.

I actually really like the chronicler’s aesthetic. ._.

@helryx Thanks! yeah,now that i look at em again,they’re ugly.

@Garnira Thanks c:

Hmmm… out of this batch, Granadier Unit is the best

Others are nowhere near your style :fire:

@Creep Oh thanks.

one of the few things that give me joy in mocs is when people use mata hands with ccbs

@TheMatoroMovement And why is that? q:

it reminds me of the olden days where there was no glatorian hands

@TheMatoroMovement Oh,yeah. i don’t really like glatorian hands. they look weird on most things

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exaclty then people want to complain that glatorian hands are better their just unnatrual

@TheMatoroMovement Yeah. they’re too big and their shape is strange

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nice MOCs.

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