Bionicle: Legend of Mata Nui Rebuit

So, how many have heard or seen this video before?

I checked the date when this video was posted, and it was posted last week this year.

I’m… rather surprised about this. I thought a project like this would have died a long while ago, given how most fan project i see in the LEGO community usually doesn’t last for too long before people lose interest.


I saw this on BS01, what platform are they releasing it on, and is it free?


i don’t really know. I would guess they would release it for the pc and have it be free, because i doubt LEGO would allow them to release it for money.


The release dare in the trailer is August 10, 2019. As for the price, I certainly hope it will be free and on Steam.


Is this like a completely new game or is it a rebuilt of the cancelled 2001 Legend of Mata Nui game?


From what I can gather from the trailer, it’s more like your latter guess.


Ah, yes!

You see, some people actually uncovered a lot of the old game that hadn’t previously been playable. Some kind of development copy got leaked and these guys got a hold of it. As the name implies, they’ve effectively been rebuilding the game themselves for about a year now.

The original game was released, but it was broken and unfinished and you weren’t able to play past Onua’s stage. Until the development copy got leaked, literally everyone thought it was lost forever.

As far as pricing, I don’t know if they ever even contacted LEGO to officially hash that matter out. When they first got the disk there was debate over whether or not it was even legal to be rebuilding it, considering the game is still very much LEGO’s property and was leaked without permission. The best they were hoping for was that it might have been so old that LEGO would have basically disowned and ignored it by now. I’m betting everything it’s going to be free anyways, for legal reasons.

Here was TTV’s original news about it:


Ye I have seen it


Here’s hoping it stays up long enough to get a copy of; this game has immensely piqued my interest.


So, disclaimer, I’m not part of the Litestone Team. All this they have said themselves.

Yes, It is free. Asked on the LJ Johnsen podcast by me, here was the response:

I believe the Beta and Alpha are already on BMP and I am assuming (UNCONFIRMED) the final version will be on BMP as well[quote=“LegoDavid, post:5, topic:49723, full:true”]
Is this like a completely new game or is it a rebuilt of the cancelled 2001 Legend of Mata Nui game?



what is BMP?


BioMedia Project:


Oh! okay, I forgot. Never really used them.


Hi, I’m reviving this thread since I’m currently playing the Rebuilt version, too. :slight_smile: I watched some YouTube videos of the Alpha and Beta version for comparison - in particular, Ga-Koro seems to have looked quite different - but overall, I was counting on the Rebuilt version being more stable.

It still crashes fairly frequently, but at least I don’t have to worry about the game not being saved (using the “debug menu” at the start, from which you can jump into any Toa’s level), or such things as accidentally continuing with the former Toa into the level of the next one.

Spoiler up to Level 2:

(I saw one Let’s Play where somehow, Onua remained the player character after his level, instead of changing to Gali. The player thus walked into Ga-Koro as Onua, yet all the Matoran were addressing him as Gali. :smile:
Doesn’t really change that much, I guess, because becoming Gali doesn’t automatically give you access to the Kaukau, actually. I wonder if Onua kept his grappling hook, though, since that is something you have to find for every Toa anew.

One kind of silly question:
I’ve heard that the original developers at Saffire put some rather infantile humour into the game in form of three little “gimmicks”:

  • Onua could “flip the Gukko bird” to the camera with the middle finger of his claws
  • Pohatu could… eh… water the cactuses in the deserts of Po-Wahi
  • Tahu could… mmh… release methane out of his Slot B over his flame sword, igniting the gas in the process :smile:

Does anyone know how to do that in-game, and is it still part of the Rebuilt version? I’m currently playing Tahu’s level, and that “fire fart” seems like a particularly useful attack, if it can actually be used to do any damage… :rofl:

Do you have a source on those? That sounds absolutely insane, I must know.

Yes, in this “documentary” about the game by “Did You Know Gaming?” It starts at 18:28 minutes (including video evidence / demonstrations of those “moves”). :smile:

EDIT: I’ve finally found out the key you need to press to make these tricks work: It’s the P key, for all three of them. :wink: Still works in the Rebuilt version.

Use the Debug menu to directly jump to Onua’s, Pohatu’s, or Tahu’s level, and try it out! :smile: My latest possible savegame was with Tahu in the Makuta level, so I tried his special “move” there. Still works.