bionicle/lego biding setup

hey show me yor bidling setup i wood love to see it here mine


I honestly just sit on the floor with three bins: one for mocs/sets, one for parts, and one for masks/weapons/nuva armour (of which I have way too much of), and other things I want to set aside


Gotta second wild_toa here; my “setup” is a mess of trays on the floor. :stuck_out_tongue: They used to be organized, at least, but they’ve been kicked around a few too many times recently and are currently a nice lego salad. I’m hoping to someday get some nice organizers like the OP there, but haven’t done any serious looking into it yet. Maybe some day.

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well, my three bins are what I use when they are put away.
when Im building…

Ive done everything BUT dump it all out


I have my parts organized by color, with many of the small pieces organized into little drawers.

My moccing process is as follows:

  1. make a pile in the floor of all the pieces I might need.
  2. Make a moc
  3. Toss all the pieces I didn’t use into a tub to be reorganized later.
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 until I run out of pieces.
  5. Go on a sorting spree, reorganizing pieces and disassembling old mocs I no longer like.
  6. Repeat steps 1 to 5.

minus reorganising, that is exactly what I do


I have my axles, pins, and whatnot of different lengths sorted out, my 3 main ccbs shell sizes sorted out, heads in one drawer, projectiles and their launchers in another, g2 breastplates, masks/helmets, weapons, misc armor(odd sized ccbs shells, nuva armor, uniter pieces, other odd g1 pieces), a drawer of torsos/feet/hands, ccbs friction adders, liftarms, metru armor, vorox/skrall armor, inika armor, gears, black g1 hand sockets, colored g1 sockets, g2 hand sockets, specifically dark turquoise pieces(saving mine up and buying some for a MOC), etc etc. I’ll send a picture once I reorganize them.

Sorry for the big wall of text : /

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All my bionicle pieces are in a big plastic box with wheels and when I want to build i dump them on a bed sheet on the floor. Then I dump them back in the big box when I finish. Then I have another big box with my system parts and a smaller box with my technic parts.

I’ve just got a bunch of boxes and drawers, really.

There’s two square drawers for assorted G1 pieces, a third for important pieces and half-finished stuff, a fourth for a bunch of mostly complete CCBS sets.

As for boxes, there’s a large plastic container full of G1 parts and a smaller plastic box for CCBS parts. Then finally I’ve got three of the 500-piece-tubs filled with assorted masks and important pieces, three small bins filled with random parts and an Aquazone Soap Box with all my projectile pieces, Krana, Kraata and such.

There’s no real system, I just dig around in them until I find the part I’m looking for.

It’s mostly the same for my other Lego boxes, only that it’ll be a single box (or plastic bag) per theme. Exceptions include Ninjago (with two boxes) and Racers, with one bag with all my Tiny Turbos inside, and several other bags for Power Racers sets. Also for the larger themes I’ll usually keep the figures separated in a little plastic bag so I can find them easily.

I have almost zero organization when it comes to building. :expressionless:
I have a big box of LEGO (including Bionicle) and a smaller box of “special” LEGO. My completed Mocs either go into my drawer, or get displayed on my dresser.