Bionicle Lego's saving grace part two

         Bionicle Lego's saving grace part two.                                            

In 2001 there was a toy line that brought joy to kids after being put together this toy line was Bionicle but, what made it so special its story, the builds, the decent pricing for parents? Actually it wasn't any of that it was imagination of its owner/kid.
Ages ago when I had Bionicle sets myself I used to create some of the coolest stories and designs, then  I read some of the stories other people wrote on the internet, I was completely blown away at how may people shared my one liking that didn't seem appealing to anyone but a hand full of people like kids 7-12ish years old, then I saw millions of custom designs that looked so amazing I couldn't  believe that some of them where made by kids. What I really couldn't believe was that some kids put down their phones to actually build these things (I'll include some in the bottom of this essay) it was so beautiful to see people of any age creating these masterpieces of plastic. The creativity that went into these mocs as the community named them was as much as the love given to the moc after it has been created.  Not only where the mocs cool but every now and again I'd see 1,000's of music videos using good footage and amazing songs there are still so many on You Tube I still haven't watched yet I'd estimate there are almost 100 or 200 that I haven't watched and those I have watched are pretty good.      
Now onto the stories. Many thought the story was too dull and long and based on reading the 100's of books made I'd say that they where right myself, now hasn't any one heard of creative writing? Lets say you can't design a good moc but you can create an amazing story for your own creation, now you can write the story then you can ask for help from a friend to build a moc to follow the story. See how this works if you can't do something you can do something else to help yourself. (Like life wouldn't you say). I'll give you a good example Brutaka's game a fan fiction written 4 years ago using Bionicle characters but not copy writing them as her own yeah that's right a girl wrote it, anyway  the story is a bunch of band students crash on the island of Mata nui or the home of Bionicle's main heroes (from 2001-2003)  and the students have to fight off Mata nui's  guardians and the evil the Island bares crazy, isn't it ? I still am on chapter 11 of the story plus it is also on deviant art to read and is also on You Tube as an audio book. There are thousands of other fan fictions I could list off but I'll save you that trouble.
Here's the hard part being Mr. Broken Record. Now let me tell you the basis of the Bionicle universe as always there six count them six Toa heroes who protect their Island home which usually has nui after it (mata nui, metru nui, voya nui, karde nui esc). they all have elemental powers mostly being fire, air, water, ice, earth, and stone and there is one villain who, I might add can't do anything with out his powers over shadows pathetic as it may be the villains name is Makuta and he normally will use deception as his number one tool  besides hideous beasts that will tear apart any thing in their line of sight. this villain was the  cause of most the trouble for the Toa yeah, go figure. Anyway those are the basics of the Bionicle universe other wise I invite you to look them up or read part #1.  
Okay now I have said nothing but good things so don't complain about me taking the haters point of view  but here I go. Many haters say that the old Bionicle parts sucked many just dealt with it and kept using the parts and even used hero factory pieces to suffice for the many pieces they needed  to have. Many said the story sucked (broken record) well people had a cure for that called fan fiction it may not be the cure for cancer but it's the cure for a pour ELA grade. Now onto the major argument  Bionicle itself is Lego's greatest failure now this one gets on my nerves the most it's this comment said by many that got me to right both these papers now let me grind this argument into dust with these facts if it wasn't for Bionicle Lego wouldn't exist right now to make new building sets, if not for Bionicle Lego wouldn't have created some of the more cooler story lines (hero factory) and it wouldn't have put Lego on top like it is today. If not for Bionicle I don't think the “Bionicle community” would have ever existed meaning that there wouldn't have been a fan base this huge for any thing else not even any other Lego toy line besides this one would have brought this many people together (this: a huge number of people over 1,000) not even if the story line was cut in half and it didn't have as interesting character designs there wouldn't be a group like the Bionicle fan base ever.
  	In 2001 there was a toy line that brought joy to kids after being put together this toy line was Bionicle but, what made it so special its story, the builds, the decent pricing for parents? Actually it wasn't any of that it was imagination of its owner/kid. Now that the kids have grown up there are still those who still love Bionicle with all their hearts and includes that me too. There are even people who remember building Bionicle sets as one of their most loved memories. I'll say it now the real reason I got you to read this paper is to feel the same as me, to love Bionicle as much as I do and to encourage youto follow my example for the next generation.

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